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New Launch, Big Shock
source:goldenlaser author:goldenlaser date:2009年09月18日 hit:

CISMA, the world top event, will be open in Shanghai New International Expo Center from Spet.22 to Spet.24 in this month.


As pioneer and top brand of  laser application in Chinese Textile and Garment Industry, Goldenlaser will impress her clients with her Amazing new products, including Double Flying Marking Machine for Textile; Multi-layer Cutting Machine for Garment; Nesting and Cutting Machine for Garment; Large-area and High Precise Auto-recognition Laser Cutting Machine; and so on.


To let our client know our products’ advantages, we have placed a special “Goldenlaser Solution Experience Area” for immediate operation. Besides, clients can learn more about our products by watching LED screen. Let us say, “This is a relaxed banquest or party. So don’t forget: If you want to have a rest, just go ahead. Our rest area welcome you.”


Breaking through tradition to innovation, Goldenlaser will treat you an enjoy to your eye and your mind.


Expo Address: Shanghai New International Expo Cente. E1-D34, Welcome to Enjoy!


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