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Golden Laser at LASER-World of Photonics
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LASER-World of Photonics held in the new Munich Expo Center, Germany drew to a successful close on 26th May, 2011. Golden Laser displayed the rising of oriental laser successfully at the expo.


LASER-World of Photonics is a professional photonics expo covering the whole photoelectric industry and shows the highest technology. It’s a pageant for global laser industry. More than one thousand famous enterprises from 36 countries participated in the expo this time. As the well-known provider of laser solutions in this field, Golden Laser joint the exhibition with a 40m­­­­­­2 independent booth and attracted a lot of new and old customers. 


At this exhibition Golden Laser put the stress on the international advanced middle & high end models, such as fiber laser cutting machine, fiber marking machine and multi-position marking machine. These new products and technology provides the latest laser solutions for market, also appealed to many overseas agents.


By this expo, Golden Laser both displayed the technical strength of the company and sold products, improved the brand influence as well. What’s more, it further stimulated Golden Laser stepping into the world. All these will accelerate Golden Laser’s continuous development greatly.

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