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Golden Laser Shines in CISMA
what you can see, you can feel and you can experience, extraordinary laser model show, excited and surprised, that is our Goldenlaser in CISMA. Obviously, we never ignore innovation which not only finds expression in our products, but also in sales networking and service. So without exception, we are eye-catching focus again in this fair. Different from common small sets, we are operating large sets with beautiful shape and high quality, each model representing super technology standards. For i...[Detail]

Latest News
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Technology Release
Solutions for garment industry 2009-10-13
Solution for metal cutting 2009-10-13
Solutions in Shoes, Leather and Bag Industry 2009-10-13
Multi-head Process Solution in Toy and Textile Industry 2009-10-13
Embroidery laser solution 2009-09-16
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