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ZJ(3D)CJG-160200Ⅲ laser machine with galvo hollowing and X,Y axis lines cutting
Galvo head punch, X, Y axis laser cutting by lines with 3 heads Vacuum Absorb Conveyor Working Table Japanese servo motor Complete exhaust system Red-cross position system
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JG-13090SG laser cutting machine with up and down working table
Up and Down working table for high thickness material Complete exhaust system
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JG-9645 laser machine for punching airbag in automotive
Honeycomb working table for hollowing Special design for punching holes for airbag Professional air-actuated clamp for position of airbag Flat working table, drawer design for collecting the waste
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CJG-210300LD laser cutting machine with conveyor table
Vacuum absorb conveyor working table Japanese servo motor Complete exhaust system Following laser power adjustment Double Laser head working at the same time
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