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GJMSDBJG-130250 DT large area laser cutting and marking machine
Adopt diode side pump and the solid lamp pump laser combination, especially suits a large format thin metal plate to cut and mark for making a shape at one time, compares the traditional cutting after marking, not only accurate to the position, moreover operates simply, not need to focus, enhanced the working efficiency greatly, saved the cost.
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GDBJG-8060 DT the diode pump laser cutting and marking machine
Adopt diode side pump laser, both can high speed marking by galvo and accurate cutting (suit stainless steel thin steel plate cutting specially), uses the cross sliding table work table, the work width is big, is one type has the high performance-to-price ratio multi-purpose laser processing machine.
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GJMSDB-130250 Large area diode side-pump marking and lining laser machine
It chooses imported Diode Pump and Germany galvo head, which brings high efficiency of optical and electrical transfer, as well as good quality beam. Can do efficient and fast marking and lining on metal and nonmetal materials, and other hard materials. It can adjust laser focus to ensure the best result.
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GDBEC-100 High power and high precision deep engraver and cutter
It uses imported Diode pump and Germany galvanometer head. With high photoelectric transfer and excellent quality beam and large laser power, it usually is applied to cut and mark noble metal and colored metal. If equipped with rotating device, it can process annulation material.
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