Laser Application Solution

As an epoch-making technological innovation weapon, laser is replacing traditional process way by her incomparable advantages.
Laser Welding Machine and Laser Cutting Machine

First, Laser Cutting Machien Feature and Application


Laser Cutting Machine is used to different fields, such as auto making and machine tool making, nearly all metal and nono-metal material. Whatever how hard, how brittle and how high of its melting point, laser can treat it dimentionally, this is what we called laser feature.


Second, Major Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine


1. Non-touching method. Avoiding distortion.


2. High efficiency. It reaches 40m/min for 1mm aluminum alloy plate.


3, No die cutter and mold. Under the control of the computer, it can directly achieve the two-dimensional, three-dimensional plate of arbitrary shape and the shell-type parts in flexible manufacturing. Especially for new product research and development phase of the multi-species, small quantities of accessory processing can be saved go to the high cost of mold design and manufacturing costs significantly shorten the production cycle.


4, Slit is between 0.15-0.4 mm. No glitches, smooth.


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