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  • Auto Feeding Laser Cutter for Textile Fabric
  • Auto Feeding Laser Cutter for Textile Fabric

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    CO2 Laser cutter, working area 1600X3000mm, applicable for upholstery textile, furniture fabric, sofa, curtain, mattress, quilt cover. Conveyor working table with auto-feeding, extra-long nesting. Continuous cutting fabric from roll to pieces.

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    Auto Feeding Laser Cutter for Textile Fabric CJG-160300LD

    Machine Features

    ● This laser cutter is applied to cut various textiles, such as  stretch fabric, polyester, leather, PU, cotton, silk, plush products, foam, PVC and composite material, etc.

    ● Laser cutting, high precision, perfect cutting edge, and laser cutting can achieve creative design. Non-contact processing. Laser spot reaches 0.1mm. Processing rectangular, hollow and other complex graphics.

    ● The full set of laser cutting solutions. Providing digitizing, sample design, marker making, continuous cutting and collection solutions. The complete digital laser cutting machine can replace the traditional processing method.

    ● Material saving. The marker making software is easy to operate, professional automatic marker making. 15~20% materials can be saved. No need professional marker making personnel.

    ● Reducing labor. From design to cutting, only need one operator to operate the cutting machine, saving labor cost.

    Machine Description

    1. Open-type laser cutter with wide format. Optional working areas: 1600X2500mm, 1600X3000mm, 2100X3000mm, 3200X2000mm,  3200X5000mm, etc.

    2. Vacuum conveyor working table with auto-feeding system (optional). High speed continuous cutting textile fabrics and wide area flexible materials.

    3. The cutting system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous auto-feeding and cutting on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine.

    4. For lace cutting of textile fabrics, this laser cutter can be equipped with visual identification system for lace pattern automatically contour cutting.

    5. Smart nesting software is optional, it can fast layout cutting graphics in the most material-saving way.

    6. 5’’ LCD screen CNC system supports multiple data transmission and can run in offline or online modes.

    7. Following top exhausting suction system to synchronize laser head and exhaust system. Good suction effects, saving energy.

    CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine Optional Configuration

    Auto Feeding System (multiply types)

    CO2 RF metal laser tube (different powers optional)

    Large Area Recognition System

    Projection System

    Red light positioning

    Smart nesting

    Pattern digitizing steel frame

    Recognition, Pattern digitizing steel frame

    CJG-160300LD Laser Cutting Machine

    Laser Tube

    CO2 glass laser tube

    CO2 RF metal laser tube

    Laser Power

    80W / 130W / 150W

    150W / 275W

    Working Area

    1600mmX3000mm (63inX118in)

    Working Table

    Conveyor working table

    Cutting Speed


    Positioning Accuracy


    Motion System

    Offline Servo motion control system, 5 inches LCD display

    Cooling System

    Constant temperature water chiller

    Power Supply

    AC 220V±5% /50Hz

    Format Support

    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.

    Standard Collocation

    1 set 550W upper exhaust fan, 2 sets 3000W nether exhaust fans, Mini air compressor

    Optional Collocation

    Auto-feeding system, Auto-recognition system

    *** Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. ***

    GOLDEN LASER Uranus Series CO2 Laser Cutting Bed


    © CJG-250300LD Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Bed

    © CJGS-160300LD Garment Fabrics High-Speed Laser Cutting Bed

    © CJGV-160200LD Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimation Fabric,  Banners, Flags

    © CJGV-160130LD Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimated Sportswear

    © CJG-160250LD Genuine Leather Laser Cutting Machine

    © CJG-250400LD Industrial Fabrics Laser Cutting Bed

    © CJG-320800LD Large Format Laser Cutting Bed for Outdoor Products

    © CJG-210300LD Carpet Laser Cutting Bed

    © CJG-180300LD Automotive Interior Laser Cutting Bed

    Applicable Materials and Industries

    GOLDEN LASER Cutter can be used for quick and easy cutting of diverse textiles and fabrics.


    Polyester, Cotton, Silk, Nylon, Lycra, Aramid, Lace, Leather and Leatherette, Faux Fur, Fleece, Mesh fabrics, Suede, Fibers, Fibreglass cloth, Neoprene, Felt Natural and Felt Synthetic, Suede Leather, Rubber and Rubberised Textiles, Synthetic Textiles, Technical Textiles

    Applicable to garment, textile upholstery, furniture fabric, sofa, curtain, mattress, quilts, industrial fabrics, etc.

    Sample Photos

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    Golden Laser Cutting Solution for Textile, Fabric, Flexible Material

    As a pioneer of flexible material laser applications, GOLDEN LASER has 10 years of laser cutting beds development history, a number of products are the industry’s first.

    At present, GOLDEN LASER has developed four series of laser cutting beds, covering synchronous beltgalvanometerdouble Y-axis and gear rack with more than 30 machine models.

    Golden Laser industry-leading mechanical design, optical design and control design, ensuring high speed and high stability of the cutting bed performance.

    Various forms of professional cutting tables, such as vacuum conveyor working table and thickened zinc-iron honeycomb working table.

    For the cutting format, Golden Laser standard cutting bed covers 1800X1000mm, 1600X3000mm, 2100X3000mm, 2500X3000mm, 3200X5000mm, 3200X8000mm, 4000X3000mm, that can effectively meet the processing requirements of various industries and specifications. And we can provide customers with a variety of custom cutting formats to fit their production needs.

    Our machines can be equipped with 80W, 130W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W and other power lasers, according to industry and user needs.

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