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  • Digital Printing Fabric Laser Cutter for Sublimation Apparel
  • Digital Printing Fabric Laser Cutter for Sublimation Apparel

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    Vision laser cutting machine automates the process of cutting digital printed pieces of fabric or textile both quickly and accurately, two cameras recognition automatically compensates for any distortions and stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles that are used for sportswear, sublimated suits, cycling wear, polo shirt, fashion printing apparel and banner flags, etc.

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    Nowadays printing technology is widely used in different industry such as sportswear, cycling apparel, fashion printing apparel, banners, and flags. What is the best solution for cutting these printed fabric and textile? Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations. Laser cutting becomes the most popular solution for contour cut. While in Golden Laser, you will get more than what you can image.

    How Vision Laser Cutter Works?

    ♦ Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour or printing marks, and send the cutting information to the laser cutter. The entire process is completely automatic and does not require manual intervention. The VisionLASER system can be adapted on laser cutters with any dimensions.

    ♦ Vision laser cutter automates the process of cutting out printed pieces of fabric or textile quickly and accurately. Material is automatically unrolled and transported onto the laser cutting machine using our conveyor system.

    ♦ As laser cutting is non-contact, there is no drag on the material and no blades to change.

    ♦ Once cut, synthetic textiles gain a sealed edge. Meaning that they will not fray, this is yet another excellent advantage over traditional textile cutting methods.

    Vision Laser Cutter for Sublimation Apparel Demo

    VisionLASER Two Detect Mode

    Detect Contour

    Detect Printing Marks

    Advantages of Contour Detection Advantages of Printing Marks Detection
    1)  No required the original graphics files 1)  High precision
    2) Directly detect a roll of printed fabric 2)  No limit on the gap between the patterns
    3) Automatic without manual intervention 3) No limit on color difference with background
    4) Fast – 5 seconds for an entire cutting format recognition 4)  Compensate the materials distortion

    Vision Laser Cutter Main Configuration (Optional)

    Auto-feeding system

    (various types optional)

    CO2 RF metal laser tube

    (different laser power optional)

    Model No.

    CJGV-180140LD Vision Laser Cutter

    Laser Type

    Co2 glass laser

    Co2 RF metal laser

    Laser Power



    Working Area

    1800mmX1400mm (70”×55”)

    Working Table

    Conveyor working table

    Working Speed

    0-600 mm/s

    Positioning Accuracy


    Motion System

    Offline servo motor control system, LCD screen

    Cooling System

    Constant temperature water chiller

    Power Supply

    AC220V±5%       50/60Hz

    Format Supported

    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.

    Standard Collocation

    1 sets of top exhaust fan 550W, 2 sets of bottom exhaust fans 1100W,

    2 German cameras

    Optional Collocation

    Automatic feeding system

    Environmental Requirement

    Temperature Range: 10—35℃

    Humidity Range: 40—85%

    the use environment of no inflammable, explosive, strong magnetic, strong earthquake

    *** Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. ***

    GOLDEN LASER - Vision Laser Cutter Model NO. Working Area
    CJGV-160130LD 1600mm×1300mm (63” ×51”)
    CJGV-160200LD 1600mm×2000mm (63” ×78”)
    CJGV-180100LD 1800mm×1000mm (70” ×39”)
    CJGV-180120LD 1800mm×1200mm (70” ×47”)
    CJGV-180140LD 1800mm×1400mm (70” ×55”)
    CJGV-300500LD 3000mm×5000mm (118” ×197”)
    CJGV-320800LD 3200mm×8000mm (118” ×315”)

    Applicable Industries

    Printing industry – printed apparel, banners, flags, toys, carpets. etc.

    Garment industry – top grade clothing, shirts, suits, skirts with stripes / plaids, plaids or repeated patterns

    Shoes industry – weaving sports shoes, knitting vamp

    Furniture industry – sofa, pillowcase, tablecloth with aligned stripes & plaids

    Top grade bags and suitcases – bags, suitcases, wallets with aligned stripes & plaids

    Vision Laser CUT Applications

    Printed sportswear cutting

    Printed sportswear cutting

    Swim suit cutting

    Swim suit cutting

    Stripes and plaids shirt cutting

    Stripes & plaids shirt cutting

    Repetitive Visual Motifs Cutting

    Fashion Apparel

    Fashion Apparel





    Shoes industry

    Soft toy industry

    Shoes industryShoes industry

    Soft toy industrySoft toy industry

    1. On the fly – large format recognition continuous cutting

    This function is for patterned fabric precisely positioning and cutting. For example, through digital printing, various graphics printed on fabric. In the subsequent of positioning and cutting, material information extracted by the high-speed industrial camera (CCD), software smart identification closed outer contour graphics, then automatically generates the cutting path and finish cutting. Without the need for human intervention, it can achieve continuous recognition cutting of the entire roll printed fabrics.

    I.e. by large format visual recognition system, the software automatically recognize the contour pattern of the garment, and then automatic contour cutting graphics, thus ensuring accurate cutting of the fabric.

    Advantage of contour detection

    • No required the original graphics files
    • Directly detect roll printed fabrics
    • Automatic without manual intervention
    • Identification within 5 seconds on the whole cutting area

    2. Printed Marks Cutting

    This cutting technology is applicable to a variety of patterns and labels precision cutting. Especially suitable for automatic continuous printing clothing contour cutting. Marker point positioning cutting no pattern size or shape restrictions. Its positioning is only associated with two Marker points. After two Marker points to identify the location, entire format graphics can be precisely cut. (Note: arrangement rules must be the same for each format of the graphic. Automatic feeding continuous cutting, to be equipped with feeding system.)

    Advantage of printed marks detection

    • High precision
    • Unlimited for the distance between printed pattern
    • Unlimited for printing design and background color
    • Compensation of processing material deformation

    3. Stripes and Plaids Cutting

    CCD camera, which is installed in the rear of the cutting bed, can recognize materials information such as stripes or plaids according to color contrast. The nesting system can perform automatic nesting according to the identified graphical information and cut pieces requirement. And can automatically adjust the pieces angle to avoid stripes or plaids distortion on the feeding process. After nesting, the projector would emit red light to mark the cutting lines on materials for calibration.

    4. Square Cutting

    If you only need to cut square and rectangle, if you don’t have high requirement about cutting precision, you can choose below system.

    Work flow: small camera detect the printing marks and then laser cut the square/rectangle.

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