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Filtration Material Cutting, Punching and Trimming
Post Time: 12-03-14

As an important environment-friendly and guard program, filtration, mainly referring to industrial gas-solid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation and solid-solid separation in a large scale, as well as house-used air purification and water purification in a small area, spreads to various fields. For example, exhaust treatment of power plants, steel mills and cement plants; air filtration, sewage treatment of textile and garment industry; filtration and crystallization of chemical industry; filtration of house-use air-condition and vacuum cleaner.

Filtration material can be divided to fiber, woven cloth and metal material, among which fiber material enjoys more popular application, such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk, viscose fiber, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, acrylic, modacrylic, PSA and other synthetic fibers, and glass fiber, ceramic fiber, and metal fiber.

With development of filtration material, traditional cutting method is not able to meet needs of market in terms of producing dust cloth, dust bags, filters, filter drums, filters, filter cotton, filter core. For instance, glass fiber cutting is operated by hand which is susceptible to hurting our body.

Based on user’s requirement, Goldenlaser has launched many meaningful solutions, which realize cutting, punching and trimming of filtration material. This new method of non-touching, high power and high speed caters to practical needs and opens a new model of processing.

Compared with traditional cutting method, laser adopts CNC technology, not only performs high precision and efficiency, but also saves material and labor with great ease while processing rolls of material, superior any traditional cutting, welcomed by most of manufacturers. Meanwhile, laser can do punching on filtration material surface with all kinds of size and design, providing more practical way for sewage treatment and filtration crystallization in chemical industry. Besides, by using traditional cutting, it is hard to process metal filtration material, but for laser cutting machine and laser welding machine, it seems fish to water. Smooth and complete slit, precise, no distortion, and no pollution, shows its prior application in similar material welding and tough flinty material cutting.

As a new technology, it is a trend that laser will inject hope, life and vigor to filtration industry.