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GoldenLaser automated and eco-friendly laser systems gain popularity
Post Time: 04-08-15

April 1 to 4, southern China’s largest textile and garment industry event – Fifteenth China (Dongguan) International Textile & Clothing Industry Fair in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center on schedule.


As leader in the field of textile and apparel laser applications, GoldenLaser participated again. On the 140 m2 booth, GoldenLaser exhibited laser embroidery, eco-friendly engraving, jeans engraving, high-speed laser cutting and other leading automatic, energy saving, environmental protection equipment, causing the industry’s strong concern. Multiple exhibited machines even ordered on the spot.


As we all know, the garment industry is a labor-intensive industries, labor tensions intensified and the trend of upgrade is particularly evident. Therefore, whether save manpower and reduce the cost, shorten the production process, improve production efficiency, energy saving mode of production determine the market space of laser machines. GoldenLaser products on display, just to meet this demand, therefore, once exhibited, been favored.


Jeans laser engraving machine, for example, it uses laser technology directly instead of the hand brush and spraying agent processes in denim wash. And it can produce image patterns, gradient graphics, cat whiskers, monkeys, matte and other effects on the denim fabric that will not fade, not only adding value of products, but also greatly reducing water waste and chemical pollution emissions. At present, the production process is increasingly being applied to the denim jeans finishing processes, having broad prospects for the future.


Environmental protection as the theme of “eco-fabric engraving” products, also in the fabric surface by laser “Print” three-dimensional pattern, replace heavily polluting dyeing process, so innovative fabric production processes, improve product value and promote corporate restructuring. The products on display on the first day, it was ordered merchants.


In the automation of the most representative should be high-speed laser cutting bed and laser embroidery system. GoldenLaser high speed laser cutting machine adopts special design, the cutting speed, up to the same laser cutting of more than 2 times, For custom clothing and other personalized tailoring business, no doubt, is the equivalent of a two devices, significantly increasing efficiency.


Laser Bridge is star product launched nearly two years by GoldenLaser. Now has hundreds of loyal customers. The product creatively combine embroidery and laser cutting, which greatly improves the efficiency, directly stimulating the embroidery industry to pick up. In Shaoxing, Shantou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other embroidery industry town, GoldenLaser laser embroidery systems have become mainstream devices. And as technology continues to mature, laser has been successfully applied to embroidered lace, fabric, leather, shoes and other segments, expanding the scope of the market. On the exhibition, laser embroidery became the focus of the entire show.