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Home Textile, Toy, Label, Automotive Laser Applications
Post Time: 12-02-14

There are 6.6 billion people living in the earth, and every country is experiencing economic continuous development, which determines a big market of house textile, toy, label, and auto inner decoration, including advanced processing way.

With changing aesthetic psychology, traditional processing way finds many difficulties in satisfying users’ needs. Some smart competitors try to seek new technology to improve this situation. Luckily, laser machine brings them hope and benefits.

Compared with traditional way, laser machine has following advantages: More precise, More efficient, easy operation, material saving, novel pattern, high degree of automation.

Why laser cutting machine is fit for textile fiber and garment cutting? It reflects in his non-contact process way, strong focus, slim light spot, concentrated energy, and excellent effect (smooth slit, no burr, auto-trimming, no deformation), diversified design input.

As a pioneer of laser technology application in home textile, toy, label, auto inner decoration industries, Goldenlaser increasingly put forward new idea, such as textile cutting, engraving; and toy cutting, label auto-recognition cutting and so on.

Solutions from Goldenlaser are chosen by many famous enterprises, which are tested lectures of Hong Kong University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Northeast Normal University, Qingdao University, Wuhan Institute of Science and Technology.