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  • Industrial Fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Filters
  • Industrial Fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Filters

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    Laser cutting system for filters, filter cloth, filter materials, filter mats. Why laser in filter industry? Automatic sealing of cutting edges prevents fringe. No tool wear – no loss of quality.
    Laser head with marker pen.
    High precision and accuracy of repeatability.
    Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible.
    Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems.

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    Industrial Fabric Laser Cutting Machine CJG-250400LD

    Machine Features

    Ø Enclosure design, ensures smokeless cutting.

    Ø Machining width of 2500 mm * 4000 mm. Servo motor drive, high processing efficiency.

    Ø Marker pen system accordingly marks the cutting material.

    Ø Conveyor belts working table. It can be used with feeding system (optional), fast continuous cutting of the fabric.

    Ø This cutting system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous cutting for a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine.

    Ø 5’’ display panel. Supporting multiple data transmission mode and can run in offline and online mode.

    Ø With red light positioning device to prevent material skewing in the feeding process, ensuring processing quality.

    Ø This system can be used for cutting and punching for all kinds of industrial fabrics. Clean cutting edges, automatic edge sealing.

    Ø This system can be equipped with high power Co2 RF lasers, high quality and high efficiency.

    Ø Other working areas can be customized as requirement. (Width: 1600mm, 2100mm, 2500mm, 3200mm, etc. Length: 1300mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 5000mm, 8000mm, 10000mm, 13000mm, etc.)


    CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine Optional Configuration

    Auto Feeding System

    CO2 RF metal laser tube (different powers optional)

    Large Area Recognition System

    Projection System

    Red light positioning

    Smart nesting

    Pattern digitizing steel frame

    Recognition, Pattern digitizing steel frame

    Model No.

    Laser Cutting Machine CJG-250400LD

    Laser Tube

    CO2 glass laser

    CO2 RF metal laser

    Laser Power


    150W / 275W

    Working Area


    Working Table

    Conveyor working table

    Processing Speed


    Positioning Accuracy


    Motion System

    Offline Servo motion control system, 5 inches LCD display

    Cooling System

    Constant temperature water chiller

    Power Supply

    AC 220V±5% /50Hz

    Format Supported

    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.

    Standard Collocation

    3 sets 3000W nether exhaust fans, Mini air compressor

    Optional Collocation

    Auto-feeding system, marker pen

    *** Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. ***

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    Application Industry

    Suitable for filter fabric, glass fiber, nonwoven, sox duct and other industrial fabric industries.

    << More Samples of Laser Cutting Industrial Fabrics and Filter Industry

    Why Laser in Filter Industry

    Automatic sealing of cutting edges prevents fringe
    No tool wear – no loss of quality
    Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible
    High precision and accuracy of repeatability
    Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems
    Marking systems in various variants

    Dust-free Cutting by Laser

    Modern filter materials are used for separation of products hazardous to the environment. In many cases the separated material is the intended product. Therefore the used filter materials as for example felts, fleece, paper and other fabrics have to be designed accordingly. Cutting of such fabrics with conventional methods is very complex, dust-intensive and costly, as the cutting edges often fringe and therefore an additional cutting edge has to be considered right from the beginning. Here the laser cutting system offers many advantages as for example immediately sealed cutting edges, no fringe, almost no dust and an optimal material utilization.

    Filter Material
    Woven fabrics for mechanical separation of solids and liquids are frequently manufactured for technical processes, and are often in continuous operation. Whether for the separation of contaminants or for cider plants in food production – filter media are always needed. Individual filter and large filter manufacture, as well as immediate availability of the materials for the operators are arguments enough for favoring the specific use of laser technology. Typical filter media are:

    √ Polyethylene (PE)    Polypropylene (PP)  √ Polyester (PES)   Polyamide (PA)   Nonwoven   Fibreglass  √ Glass fibre   Bolting cloth   Fabric   Paper   Felt   Nylon

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