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  • jeans denim macchina per marcatura laser
  • jeans denim macchina per marcatura laser

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    Design compatto. 150W o 275W RF laser. Incisione personalizzata e jeans marcatura denim indumento con baffi di gatto, scimmie, stracciato, portato, neve, effetti ritratto. Navetta Mutual zinco-ferro tavolo in lega a nido d’ape di lavoro. Può realizzare multi-posizione di lavoro.

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    jeans denim macchina per marcatura laser ZJ(3D)-15075TB

    Ÿ• Con un design compatto, risparmiare spazio. Particolarmente adatto per il jeans di elaborazione disegno personalizzati denim pezzi di abbigliamento e parti di indumento. Bassi costi di attrezzature, funzionamento semplice e conveniente, bassi costi di manutenzione.

    Ÿ• ŸLa macchina è dotata di 150W RF tubo del laser del metallo. Potenza e velocità di elaborazione di uscita regolabile laser per risparmiare energia al massimo.

    Ÿ• ŸNavetta Mutual zinco-ferro tavolo in lega a nido d’ape di lavoro. Può realizzare multi-posizione di lavoro. Se si utilizza la modalità volo, il formato di lavoro può arrivare a 1500mmX750mm

    ŸŸ• Può incidere una varietà di disegni personalizzati, come i baffi di gatto, le scimmie, stracciato, portato, neve, ritratto e altri effetti con chiara struttura e non tramonterà mai.

    ŸŸ• Sistema di ventilazione. Pedale per il funzionamento facile.

    ZJ(3D)-15075TB Denim Jeans Laser Marking Machine



    Movable shuttle Zn-Fe honeycomb table

    Red light positioning

    CO2 RF metal laser tube (Different powers for option)


    ZJ(3D)-15075TB Denim Jeans Laser Marking Machine

    Laser type CO2 RF metal laser tube
    Laser power 150W (Standard)  70W / 100W / 275W / 500W (Optional)
    Working area 1500mmX750mm
    Working table Shuttle Zn-Fe alloy honeycomb working table
    Working speed Adjustable
    Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
    Motion system Offline 3-D dynamic galvanometer motion control system, 5 inch LCD screen
    Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
    Power supply AC220V±5%    50/60Hz
    Format supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST etc.
    Standard collocation 2 sets of 1100W exhaust fans, foot switch
    Optional collocation Red light positioning system
    ***Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. ***

    <1> Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-9090LD

    <2> Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-125125LD

    <3> Denim Jeans Laser Marking System ZJ(3D)-9045TB

    <4> Roll to Roll Denim Fabric Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-160LD

    Denim Jeans Laser Marking Machine Application and Industry

    •  Suitable for jeans, denim and corduroy

    •  Applicable to jeans, apparel and household products industry

    Denim Jeans Laser Marking Samples

    << More Samples of Denim Jeans Laser Engraving Marking

    Eight Reasons for Choosing Golden Laser – Denim Jeans Laser Engraving Machine

    1. Simple Processing, Saving Labor

    Laser engraving adopts automatic motion control system and laser non-contact and heat processing principle. Software produces fading, sand blasting, 3D cat whiskers, tattered and other effects instead of the traditional process of “hand brush”. Compared jeans cat whiskers, monkeys, tattered, worn of traditional tedious manual process, Laser engraving only needs to import the designed graphics and multiple processes can be done in one step, more efficient, and can save a lot of labor costs.

    2. Conformity, Low Rejection Rate

    Just set up the best laser engraving process parameters, to ensure the conformity of the effect of all finished products, avoiding the quality differences of traditional manual processing

    3. Personalized Value-Added

    Compared to traditional manual only process relatively simple graphics, laser engraving can produce a clear artistic pattern on denim fabric. These patterns may include text, numbers, logos, images. Precise laser engraving process can also present monkeys, whiskers, worn, washing and other effects. Jeans laser engraved graphics without any restrictions, can easily combine with fashion elements to enhance the broad personalized value-added space.

    4. Environmentally Friendly

    Processing mainly by means of optical, mechanical and electrical, denim laser process completely abandoned all kinds of high pollution sources, such as sand blasting, oxidation, printing and dyeing, which can protect environment by the greatest extent.

    5. Wide Range of Application

    After many years of accumulated technology and application development, Golden Laser has been developed for multi-platform full range of denim laser engraving equipment. Customers can equip with the most suitable products according to their own needs and processing scale to create the highest profit.

    6. Competitive Price

    Golden Laser has 14 years of experience in the textile and apparel industry and established healthy patterns of new product development, control costs and more benefits back to customers.

    7. Service

    Golden Laser has professional sales team, consultant team, and after-sale service team that could ensure customers impeccable service on site as well as remote service over phone or internet video.

    8. Win-Win Cooperation

    Golden Laser can help business partners set up a joint laboratory to explore creative products and win a position in denim processing market. Reduce investment risk and accelerate transformation of traditional denim enterprise.

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