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Textile machinery industry “Olympic” ITMA 2015 grand opening, Golden Laser once again swept Milan!
Post Time: 11-16-15

“Olympic” of Textile Machinery Industry – ITMA 2015 in Milan Grand Opening!

November 12, the world’s most influential textile machinery event – the 17th International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA 2015) in Milan, Italy International Exhibition Center grand opening. “Source Sustainable Solutions” is the theme of this exhibition. From the perspective of environmental protection and social responsibility, this exhibition all-round displays for the entire textile and garment industry chain of new equipment, new technology and new services.

Golden Laser as China’s first brand in textile and garment laser applications, once again shows the charm of “Wisdom-Made-In-China “ at ITMA.

ITMA2015 1 700

Golden Laser pushed digitizing innovative applications ecosystem to the global.

Ten years ago, Golden Laser, as textile and garment laser applications start-ups, starting from here, and go to the world. Ten years later, China’s first application of digital technology innovation ecosystem – “Golden Laser+”, dazzling debut.

In terms of high-end laser equipment, Golden Laser not only exhibited innovations applications of laser garment cutting, vision laser positioning cutting, large format engraving, denim laser washing, also has launched “one-stop solutions customized apparel”. These programs not only provide a new choice for the textile and apparel industry of intelligent, digital, personalized production, but also further established Golden Laser in leading position in the field of textile and garment laser application.

Golden Laser loyal international fans, wind and rain accompanied by 10 years, ITMA back together again!

In overseas markets, Golden Laser has established a mature marketing network in the world’s five continents over 100 countries and regions, and has become China’s largest exporter of laser products.

ITMA2015 6 700 ITMA2015 2 700 ITMA2015 3 700

The exhibition scene

Golden Laser Digital automatic laser equipment attracted everyone’s watching, and has aroused strong interest for visitors. Partners and international friends from the US, Poland, Greece, Mexico, Portugal and other countries came together. Some of them, our dealer friends are working with us for nearly 10 years. They initially used our laser machines, and later decided to recommended Golden Laser to more friends and colleagues, and finally develop into and Golden Laser partners to grow together. They often jokes that they are Golden Laser fans. In the first day of the ITMA exhibition, the Italian partner drove seven hours purposely sent gifts, let us particularly moved.

Because of these sincere international fans with Golden Laser 10 years through thick and thin, let us be more innovative and enterprising power, more a sense of mission with Chinese national laser industry in the international arena, let the “Chinese Wisdom Made” influence the world.