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Laser Cutting Machine – Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

As laser cutting machine manufacturer, Golden Laser provides customized design, manufacturing, delivery, after-sale service and technical solutions.

GOLDEN LASER – Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Features

Align stripes & plaids

Automatically identify plaided or striped fabrics. Software nesting automatically ajusts warp and weft of the fabric to achieve high-precision cutting.

Automatic nesting

Nesting software is easy to use, more efficient for material saving.

High-speed cutting system

Adopting double Y-axis structure and flying optics, equipped with servo drive system, cutting speed faster than traditional cutting. Suitable for mass production of various clothing industry.

Pattern copying

It can automatically extract the outline of a model based on the model and color of the background and automatically generate CAD files.

Over-long continuous cutting

Continuous cutting over-long graphics that the single layout exceeded the cutting area.

Automatic cutting & trimming

In the feeding process of simultaneously cutting. Cutting both sides waste of the fabric, increase productivity.

Red light positioning

Red light positioning device, making material positioning easier.

Pattern design

Processional CAD design nesting software.

Mark pen

Mark pen and laser head automatic switching, auto-tagging graphics, reduce manual work to save labor and increase efficiency.

Multiple laser power option

From 60Watts to 500Watts laser power can be selected.

Single head/double head/multi-head laser cut

Double-head or multi-head can be selected to increase capacity. 

Following exhaust system

Laser head and exhaust system synchronization, good exhaust effect, improving the cutting effect.

High precision

Laser beam up to 0.1mm, perfect handling right angle, punching and various complex graphics.

Auto feeding

Auto feeding system with automatic correction function, ensuring accurate feeding of over-long nesting.

Material feeding table

Extend working table to deal with special feeding needs of fabric.

Material collecting table

Extended working table easy collecting and saves time of rewinding, do not affect the production schedule.

Vacuum adsorption working table

Working table adopting full sealed exhaust, ensuring fabric flat while cutting.

Micro holes cutting

High speed laser perforating micro holes diameter 0.2mm

Following laser head Conveyor working table Honeycomb working table
Strip working table Y axis lengthen X axis widen

GOLDEN LASER – Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

I. Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Printed Sublimation Fabrics Sportswear, Cycling Apparel, Swimwear, Banners, Flags

Vision laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting digital printing sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes. Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on printed registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

√ Auto feeding    √ Flying scan    √ High speed    √ Intelligent recognition of printed fabric pattern

→ Scan (detecting and recognizing) a sublimated roll of fabric and take into account any shrinkage or distortion that may occur during the sublimation process and accurately cut out any designs.

● Large format flying scan. It costs only 5 seconds to recognize the entre working area. While feeding fabric by the moving conveyor, the real-time camera can identify the printed graphics rapidly and submit the results to laser cutter. After cutting the entire working area, the process will be repeated without manual intervention.

● Good at dealing with complex graphics. For the fine and detailed graphics, the software can extract the original graphics according to the position of mark points and make cutting. The cutting accuracy reach to ±1mm.

 Good at cutting stretch fabric. Automatic sealing edge. Cutting edge is clean, soft and smooth with high precision.

II. Laser Cutting Machine for Garment Cutting Industry Application

 For medium & small batch and various types of garment production, especially suitable for customized clothing.

 Suitable for various kind of fabrics cutting. Cutting any graphics design. Smooth and precise cutting edges. Sealed edge. No burnt edge or fraying. Excellent cutting quality.

 Conveyor working table with automatic feeding system (optional), realize continuous feeding and cutting for automatic production.

 Double Y-axis structure. Flying laser beam path. Servo motor system, high speed cutting.

 This cutting system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous auto-feeding and cutting on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine.

• The unique manual and automatic interactive layout software functions, improving material utilization to the extreme. It also has pattern making, photo digitizing, and grading functions, convenient and practical.

 This laser cutting machine can be equipped with large format auto-recognition and projector system for personalized garment precise and smart cutting.

III. Filter Medias , Industrial Fabrics & Technical Textiles Laser Cutting Application

Laser cutting is very suitable for filter media. To meet the special requirements on material cutting edge, GOLDENLASER offers various of laser power and complete laser cutting solutions.

 Cutting accuracy can reach 0.1mm

● Heat treatment, automatic edge sealing with smooth cutting edge

● Available to setting the using period of cloth edge according to requirement of user.

 Mark pen and laser automatic switching, complete the whole process of punching, marking and cutting in one step.

● Intelligent graphics design and nesting software, simple operation, available for cutting any shapes.

● Vacuum adsorption working table, perfectly solve the problem of warping cloth edges.

 Stainless steel conveyor belt, with automatic continuous feeding and collecting systems, high efficiency.

● Fully enclosed structure to ensure the cutting dust does not leak, suitable for operation in intensive production plants.

IV. Leather Nesting and Laser Cutting System for Car Seat Cover, Bags, Shoes

Leather Cutting System package - Leather Nesting package containing the following modules: Leather Models/Orders, Standard Nesting, Leather Digitizing and Leather CUT & Collect.


  Laser processing is flexible and convenient. After setup the pattern, laser can start to process.

  Smooth cutting edges. No mechanical stress, no deformation. No required mould. Laser processing can save the cost of mold production and preparation time.

•  Good cutting quality. Cutting precision can reach to 0.1mm. Without any graphic restrictions.

Machine Features

• Especially suitable for genuine leather cutting.

•  It is a complete and practical set of genuine leather laser cutting system, with pattern digitizing, recognition system and nesting software. High degree of automation, improving efficiency and saving material.

• It adopts high-precision digitizing system that can accurately read the contour of leather and avoid poor area and do rapid automatic nesting on sample pieces (users can also use manually nesting).

Simplify the complex processing of genuine leather cutting to four steps

Leather Checking

Leather Reading



V. Furniture Fabrics, Upholstery Textile, Sofa, Mattress Laser Cutting Application

Applied to sofa, mattress, curtain, pillowcase of the furniture fabrics & upholstery textile Industry. Cutting various textiles, such as stretch fabric, polyester, leather, PU, cotton, silk, plush products, foam, PVC and composite material, etc.

Full set of laser cutting solutions. Providing digitizing, sample design, marker making, continuous cutting and collection solutions. The complete digital laser cutting machine can replace the traditional processing method.

 Material saving. The marker making software is easy to operate, professional automatic marker making. 15~20% materials can be saved. No need professional marker making personnel.

 Reducing labor. From design to cutting, only need one operator to operate the cutting machine, saving labor cost.

 Laser cutting, high precision, perfect cutting edge, and laser cutting can achieve creative design. Non-contact processing. Laser spot reaches 0.1mm. Processing rectangular, hollow and other complex graphics.


VI. Parachute, Paraglider, Sailcloth, Tent Laser Cutting Application

The patented rainbow structure, is specialized for over wide format structure.

Designed for cutting outdoor billboards, parachute, paraglider, tents, sailing cloth, inflatable products. Suitable for cutting PVC, ETFE, PTFE, PE, cotton cloth, Oxford cloth, nylon, nonwoven, PU or AC coating material, etc.

Automation. Auto feeding system, vacuum conveyor belts and collecting working table.

Over-long material continuous cutting. Capable for cutting 20m, 40m or even longer graphics.

Saving labor. From design to cutting, only need one person to operate.

Saving material. User-friendly Marker software, saving 7% or more materials.

Simplify the process. Multiple use for one machine: cutting fabrics from roll to pieces, marking number on pieces, and drilling, etc.

With this series of laser machines to achieve the single ply or multi ply cutting have been successfully used in mass production.

GOLDEN LASER – CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting MachineConfiguration
Cutting Areas

(accept customization)

1600mm×1300mm (63in×51in)

1600mm×2000mm (63in×79in)

1800mm×1000mm (71in×39in)

1800mm×1200mm (71in×47in)

1800mm×1400mm (71in×55in)

1600mm×2500mm (63in×98in)

1600mm×3000mm (63in×118in)

2100mm×3000mm (83in×118in)

2500mm×3000mm (98in×118in)

2500mm×4000mm (98in×157in)



2100mm×8000mm (83in×315in)

3000mm×5000mm (118in×197in)

3200mm×2000mm (126in×79in)

3200mm×5000mm (126in×197in)

3200mm×8000mm (126in×315in)

3400mm×11000mm (134in×433in)

1600mm×6000mm (63in×236in)

160mm×9000mm (63in×354in)

1600mm×13000mm (63in×512in)






Working Table Vacuum adsorption conveyor working table
Laser Type CO2 DC glass laser tube / CO2 RF metal laser tube
Laser Power 80W ~ 500W
Software GOLDENLASER Cutting software, CAD Pattern Designer, Auto Marker, Marker software, Leather Digitizing system, VisionLASER, sample board photo digitizer system
Fully Automatic Gear feeder (optional), Rectify deviation feeding system (optional)
Red light positioning (optional), Mark pen (optional)