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Laser Engraving in Denim Fabric Processing
Post Time: 12-11-14

Textile industry is a traditional industry and big industry. Continue to use high-tech and traditional industries docking, is an important way to enhance the technological content of traditional industries.

Apparel fabrics by dyeing and printing process finishing, you can get a good and aesthetic effect. The traditional artistic pattern apparel fabrics, mainly through a variety of printing and dyeing technology, the different dyes in the fabric by flower version colored patterned fabric. In addition, there is fabric flower-shaped pattern formation by thermal transfer, digital printing method by other chemical methods. But a large number of textile fabrics or traditional printing methods, the production process is long, single pattern changes complicated procedures involved in the production process more environmental restrictions, and especially not realize the growing apparel fabrics for artistic effect personalized needs. Given the shortcomings of the traditional finishing techniques, the use of laser engraving technology and computer-aided design technology for artistic finishing denim fabric, giving it special printing effects, it will have an important promotional value.

Laser engraving technology with denim fabric artistic finishing, produce artistic pattern on the fabric, these patterns can include text, numbers, logos, images and so on. Laser engraving machine can also get precise cutting technology produces monkeys, cats whiskers, tattered, worn and other effects.

Currently, galvanometer laser engraving machine of denim design, parameter selection and manipulation techniques performed by Golden Laser textile and apparel technology development center. Now this technology has been widely used in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangzhou, the major textile and garment industry gathering areas of China. Clothing market in America, Europe and Asia, more and more products are already using galvanometer laser engraving machine for jeans denim fabrics, attached laser elements to fashions.

Laser engraving, the principle is to use computer graphic design, layout, and made PLT or BMP file, and then use the CO2 laser engraving machine. CO2 laser engraving machine to make the laser beam in accordance with the computer layout instructions, high-temperature etching on the surface of apparel fabrics , etching the high temperature portion of the yarn is ablated, the dye is gasified, forming different levels of etch depth, creating a pattern or other washing finishing effect. These patterns can also use embroidery, beads, iron tablets, metal accessories and other materials to do modifications to enhance the artistic effect.