YOUNGONE Group, South Korea’s outdoor products giant takes a private plane to visit Golden Laser


On March 15 to 16, South Korea outdoor products giant YOUNGONE Group chairman Mr. Sung with the United States and Italy chief technology officer, a line of eight people aboard a private jet from South Korea direct to Wuhan, made a special trip to visit the important partner of Golden Laser.

This visit is YOUNGONE Group since founded in 1974, the first time personally led by the chairman of the senior management team to visit equipment suppliers. It is also Golden Laser and YOUNGONE Group for 10 years the most sincere, the most profound and the most strategically important meeting.


YOUNGONE produces a range of sportswear products covered skiing, mountain bike cycling jerseys and other sports clothing items, also in the production of other sports accessories, such as gloves, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. World famous brands, like Nike, Eddie Bauer, TNF, Intersports, Polo Ralph Lauren and Puma products are derived from YOUNGONE. Currently, Golden Laser has hundreds sets of advanced laser machines running in YOUNGONE large factories located around the world.


In two days’ visit, Mr. Sung is quite interested in understanding the development process of Golden Laser, the company strengths, and the target of becoming digital application platform in the future. The delegation also visited Golden Laser various advanced laser processing machines in the applications of textile, apparel and flexible materials, and application examples in denim, fabric, embroidery, outdoor supplies, etc. New laser technology, new applications have a deeper understanding.


In the discussion of both sides, Mr. Sung affirmed Golden Laser’s technical strength and the absolute leading position in the field of textile and apparel laser applications, and expressed appreciation and gratitude on many years of quality products and services provided by Golden Laser. In addition, two sides discussed on a number of new applications, Golden Laser engineers also gave a range of leading digital laser solutions and recommendations for YOUNGONE product characteristics.


The two sides said, in line with the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development objectives, later to set up the mechanism of high-level visits, make communication more closely, make cooperation more closely, more deeply, more comprehensive and more efficient. At the same time, using the technology of Golden Laser let YOUNGONE production process and technology more ahead.


Post time: Mar-19-2015

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