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  • CO2 Laser Machine
    • CJGV-160200LD+100AF

      Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimation Fabric

      Vision laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting digital printing sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes. Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on printed registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

    • CJGS-160300LD

      High Speed Garment Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

      Double Y-axis structure. High speed. Cutting speed up to 1200mm/s. For medium & small batch and various types of garment production, especially suitable for customized clothing. Conveyor working table, automatic feeder and over length nesting. With Photo Digitizer, Pattern Designer and Auto Marker software. Can be equipped with large format auto-recognition and projector system.

    • ZJ(3D)-160100LD

      Galvanometer Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

      Germany Scanlab 3D dynamic Galvo head, one time scan area could reach 400x400mm. 150W 275W 500W Co2 RF metal laser tube. Conveyor working table with auto-feeding system. Large-scale engraving cutting and hollowing on leather, shoe, denim, textile, fabric, and more flexible material.

    • ZJ(3D)-9090LD

      Jeans Laser Engraving Machine

      Denim jeans laser engraving is catering to the demands of replacing traditional washing processes. With 3D dynamic large-format galvanometer marking technology, this system is specifically developed for jeans, denim, garment engraving. Equipped with circulation type material feeding processing technology, the system engraves patterns on specified positions during the process. Thereafter, the material automatically moves to the engraving area with the help of a conveyor.

    • QMZDJG-160100LD

      Laser Cutter for Knitting Vamp, Mesh Fabric Sports Shoe Upper

      Specially aiming to fast and precise positioning and automatic cutting for mesh fabrics, knitting vamp and printing fabric shoe uppers. Utilize the high precision Smart Vision Laser Cutting System to achieve image capture and automatic matching.
      The deviation generated during processing can be promptly corrected by remotely adjusting software. For the products that need manual positioning cutting, this system realizes fast and precise processing.

    • XBJGHY-160100LD II

      Dual Head Leather Laser Cutting Machine for Footwear

      Mixed typesetting and mixed cutting digital laser cutting system for leather. Dual laser heads. Both work independently, and can process different graphics simultaneously. Mixed typesetting multi patterns with auto-nesting software, simply the operation procedures and extremely improve the material utilization. Advanced motion control system and patent design structure, high-qualified laser cutting, punching, engraving under high speed.

    • Smart Vision - MQNZDJG-160100LD

      CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine for Label, Applique, Printed Number

      This multifunctional smart laser cutting system integrated feeding, scanning, identification and cutting, achieves continuous recognition and automatic cutting of labels, applique, printed number and logo, polo shirt, swimwear, fly knitting vamp, garment accessories industry. It is an automated production, high-speed precision cutting with excellent quality of cutting effect.

    • CJG-2101100LD

      Aircraft Carpet Laser Cutting Machine

      Cutting commercial and industrial carpet is another great CO2 laser application. In many cases, synthetic carpet is cut with little or no charring, and heat generated by the laser acts to seal edges to prevent fraying. Many specialized carpet installations in motor coaches, aircraft, and other small square-footage applications benefit from the precision and convenience of having the carpet precut on a large-area flatbed laser cutting system.

    • CJG-160250LD

      Genuine Leather Laser Cutting Machine

      Genuine leather laser cutting machine with camera and projector. For hides leather goods large format precision cutting. Simplify the complex processing of genuine leather cutting to four steps: Inspection; Reading; Nesting; Cutting. High-precision digital camera system, accurately read the contour of leather and avoid poor area and do rapid automatic nesting on sample pieces. During the time of nesting, it can also project the same pieces, display sample cutting position on the leather and improve the utilization of leather.

    • CJG-210300LD

      Airbag Laser Cutting Machine with Multi-layer Auto Feeder

      GOLDEN LASER solutions dedicated to airbag laser cutting ensure quality, safety and saving, respond to the proliferation and diversification of airbags required by new safety standards. Safety regulations may be changing in the airbag sector, but quality standards are ever more stringent. By combining precision, reliability and speed, GOLDEN LASER’s specialized airbag laser cutting technologies ensure enhanced productivity and flexibility while maintaining excellent cutting quality.

    • CJGV-160130LD

      Sublimation Fabric Laser Cutter for Sportswear

      Vision laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting digital printing sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes.

      Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on printed registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy.

      A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

    • CJGV-320500LD

      Wide Format Laser Cutting Machine for Flags, Banners, Soft Signage

      The Vision Laser Cutting System designed specifically for the digital print industry and print service providers. It delivers unparalleled capabilities for finishing wide format digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics and banner, flag, soft-signage with customized cutting widths and lengths for virtually any application. Systems can be produced in width up to 3.2 meters and lengths up to 8 meters or more. The rack and pinion drive system provides for impressive cutting speed and accuracy paired to a welded-steel base.

    • ZJJF(3D)-160LD

      Roll to Roll Fabric Laser Engraving Machine

      Laser roll to roll textile fabrics continuous engraving. Germany 3D dynamic Galvo system, finishing continuous engraving marking in one step.“on the fly” mode engraving technology. Suitable for large format fabric, textile, velvet, denim engraving, greatly improving fabric processing quality and added-value. 500W CO2 RF metal laser tube (standard configuration), fast processing speed and fine results.Red light positioning device, accurate material feeding.

    • ZJ(3D)-9045TB

      High Speed Galvo Laser Engraving Machine for Leather Shoe

      CO2 RF metal laser 100W 150W 275W 500W
      3D dynamic galvanometer control system
      Automatic up and down Z axis
      Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table
      Use-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system
      Rear exhaust suction system
      high speed engraving cutting and punching leather, shoe, fabric, denim, jeans label, etc.

    • ZJ(3D)-170200LD

      High Speed Galvo Laser Cutting and Perforating Machine for Jersey

      A versatile laser machine that can do both cutting and perforating for jerseys, polyester, microfiber, even stretch fabric.
      150W or 275W RF metal CO2 lasers.
      Working area: 1700mm×2000mm (66.9” * 78.7”)
      High-speed scanning galvanometer system.
      Mesh conveyor working table with auto feeder.

    • ZJ(3D)-9045TB

      High Speed Galvo Laser Paper Cutting Engraving Machine for Wedding Invitation Cards

      Laser cutting is a quick and easy process that can be used for processing intricate paper pattern, paperboard and cardboard for wedding invitations, digital printing, packaging prototype construction, model making or scrapbooking.
      Even engraving of paper with the laser delivers impressive results. Whether logos, photographs or ornaments – there are no limits in graphic design. Quite the contrary: Surface finishing with the laser beam increases the freedom of design.

    • CJG-250300LD

      Flatbed CO2 Filter Cloth Laser Cutting Machine with Mark Pen & Auto Feeding

      Flatbed CO2 filter cloth laser cutting machine with auto feeding. Recommended model: laser cutting machine (275 watts CO2 RF laser) + auto feeder for special fabrics (Double roll feeder SSG250) + software with mark pen. Filter medias, industrial fabrics & technical textiles laser application. Laser cutting is very suitable for filter media. To meet the special requirements on material cutting edge, GOLDENLASER offers various of laser power, working areas and complete laser cutting solutions.

    • CJG-320800LD

      Outdoor Products Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

      This large format flatbed laser cutting bed, working area 3200mm x 8000mm (126″ x 315″) is mainly used to cut outdoor products, such as tents, marquee, inflatable products, sailcloth, parachute, paraglider, parasail, rubber dinghy, canopy, awning, fire balloon, etc. Smooth, cleaning cutting edge, no reworking necessary. Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems. Complete extraction and filtering of the cutting emissions.