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  • Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machine
    • CJGS-160300LD

      High Speed Garment Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

      Double Y-axis structure. High speed. Cutting speed up to 1200mm/s. For medium & small batch and various types of garment production, especially suitable for customized clothing. Conveyor working table, automatic feeder and over length nesting. With Photo Digitizer, Pattern Designer and Auto Marker software. Can be equipped with large format auto-recognition and projector system.

    • CJG-2101100LD

      Aircraft Carpet Laser Cutting Machine

      Cutting commercial and industrial carpet is another great CO2 laser application. In many cases, synthetic carpet is cut with little or no charring, and heat generated by the laser acts to seal edges to prevent fraying. Many specialized carpet installations in motor coaches, aircraft, and other small square-footage applications benefit from the precision and convenience of having the carpet precut on a large-area flatbed laser cutting system.

    • CJG-160250LD

      Genuine Leather Laser Cutting Machine

      Genuine leather laser cutting machine with camera and projector. For hides leather goods large format precision cutting. Simplify the complex processing of genuine leather cutting to four steps: Inspection; Reading; Nesting; Cutting. High-precision digital camera system, accurately read the contour of leather and avoid poor area and do rapid automatic nesting on sample pieces. During the time of nesting, it can also project the same pieces, display sample cutting position on the leather and improve the utilization of leather.

    • CJG-210300LD

      Airbag Laser Cutting Machine with Multi-layer Auto Feeder

      GOLDEN LASER solutions dedicated to airbag laser cutting ensure quality, safety and saving, respond to the proliferation and diversification of airbags required by new safety standards. Safety regulations may be changing in the airbag sector, but quality standards are ever more stringent. By combining precision, reliability and speed, GOLDEN LASER’s specialized airbag laser cutting technologies ensure enhanced productivity and flexibility while maintaining excellent cutting quality.

    • CJGV-320500LD

      Wide Format Laser Cutting Machine for Flags, Banners, Soft Signage

      The Vision Laser Cutting System designed specifically for the digital print industry and print service providers. It delivers unparalleled capabilities for finishing wide format digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics and banner, flag, soft-signage with customized cutting widths and lengths for virtually any application. Systems can be produced in width up to 3.2 meters and lengths up to 8 meters or more. The rack and pinion drive system provides for impressive cutting speed and accuracy paired to a welded-steel base.

    • CJG-250300LD

      Flatbed CO2 Filter Cloth Laser Cutting Machine with Mark Pen & Auto Feeding

      Flatbed CO2 filter cloth laser cutting machine with auto feeding. Recommended model: laser cutting machine (275 watts CO2 RF laser) + auto feeder for special fabrics (Double roll feeder SSG250) + software with mark pen. Filter medias, industrial fabrics & technical textiles laser application. Laser cutting is very suitable for filter media. To meet the special requirements on material cutting edge, GOLDENLASER offers various of laser power, working areas and complete laser cutting solutions.

    • CJG-320800LD

      Outdoor Products Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

      This large format flatbed laser cutting bed, working area 3200mm x 8000mm (126″ x 315″) is mainly used to cut outdoor products, such as tents, marquee, inflatable products, sailcloth, parachute, paraglider, parasail, rubber dinghy, canopy, awning, fire balloon, etc. Smooth, cleaning cutting edge, no reworking necessary. Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems. Complete extraction and filtering of the cutting emissions.

    • CJG-250300LD

      Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

      Open-type laser cutting bed with wide format. Working area 2500mmX3000mm
      Vacuum conveyor working table with auto-feeding system (optional).
      High speed continuous cutting textile fabrics and wide area flexible materials.
      For lace cutting of textile fabrics, this laser cutter can be equipped with visual identification system for lace pattern automatically contour cutting.
      The cutting system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous auto-feeding and cutting on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine.

    • CJG-250400LD

      Industrial Fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Filters

      Laser cutting system for filters, filter cloth, filter materials, filter mats. Why laser in filter industry? Automatic sealing of cutting edges prevents fringe. No tool wear – no loss of quality.
      Laser head with marker pen.
      High precision and accuracy of repeatability.
      Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible.
      Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems.

    • CJG-210300LD

      Carpet Laser Cutting Machine

      Carpet laser cutting bed for non-woven, polypropylene fiber, blended fabric, leatherette and more carpets cutting. Conveyor working table with the auto feeding. fast and continuous cutting. Servo motor driving. High efficiency and good processing effect. Optional smart nesting software can do fast and material-saving nesting on the graphics to be cut. Various large format working areas optional.

    • CJGV-160200LD+100AF

      Laser Cutting System for Patterned Fabrics Marker Matching

      LASER Automatic Cutting System for Patterned Fabrics – Complete solution for optimization of production processes using patterned fabrics – from marker matching to automatic cut. For automatic alignment of markers to fabric stripes and plaids. Improve the quality and performance of your production with this complete and flexible solution, optimized for marker matching on patterned fabric.

    • CJG-250300LD

      Laser Cutting Machine for Fabric Upholstery

      Wide format laser cutting bed. Continuous cutting textile fabrics and flexible materials. Working area 2500mmX3000mm Optional working areas: 1600X3000mm, 2100X3000mm, 3200X5000mm, 3200mmX8000mm. The cutting system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous auto-feeding and cutting on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine. Smart nesting software is optional, it can fast layout cutting graphics in the most material-saving way. CCD camera recognition system optional

    • CJG-160300LD

      Auto Feeding Laser Cutter for Textile Fabric

      CO2 Laser cutter, working area 1600X3000mm, applicable for upholstery textile, furniture fabric, sofa, curtain, mattress, quilt cover. Conveyor working table with auto-feeding, extra-long nesting. Continuous cutting fabric from roll to pieces.

    • CJG-130250DT

      CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Acrylic Wood MDF

      Large area flatbed CO2 laser cutting machine for advertising industry. 150 watts~800 watts.
      Good at cutting wood, MDF, acrylic and other non-metal advertising materials.
      High precision ball screw driving or rack and pinion driving system.
      Knife strips working table.
      Equipping one following adjusting focus cutting head for thin stainless steel and carbon steel sheet cutting.

    • CJG-160600LD

      Parachute, Paraglider Laser Cutting Machine

      Due to the variety of outdoor products materials, large size for processing graphics design, high cost of raw materials, Golden Laser introduced the over large working size, continuous nesting, and auto-feeding laser cutting system. It is a large format laser cutting machine that can cut any pattern design with fast speed, modular installation, and easy maintenance.

    • CJG-320500LD

      Laser Cutting Machine for Tent, Awning, Marquee, Canopy

      Over-large format flatbed CO2 laser cutting machine. Designed for tent, awning, marquee, canopy, sunshade, paraglider, parachute, sailing cloth, inflatable castle materials cutting. Suitable for cutting PVC, polyester, canvas, tarpaulin, polyamide, polypropylene, Oxford cloth, nylon, nonwoven, ripstop fabrics, Lycra, Mesh, EVA sponge, acrylic fabric, ETFE, PTFE, PE, vinyl, PU or AC coating material, etc.

    • CJG-250300LD

      Laser Cutting Machine for Mattress Foam Fabric

      Full automatic feeding fabric roll laser cutting machine. Auto feeding and loading of fabric rolls to the machine. Cutting large sizes of nylon and jacquard fabric panels and foam for mattresses.