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  • MARS Series Laser Machine
    • QMZDJG-160100LD

      Laser Cutter for Knitting Vamp, Mesh Fabric Sports Shoe Upper

      Specially aiming to fast and precise positioning and automatic cutting for mesh fabrics, knitting vamp and printing fabric shoe uppers. Utilize the high precision Smart Vision Laser Cutting System to achieve image capture and automatic matching.
      The deviation generated during processing can be promptly corrected by remotely adjusting software. For the products that need manual positioning cutting, this system realizes fast and precise processing.

    • XBJGHY-160100LD II

      Dual Head Leather Laser Cutting Machine for Footwear

      Mixed typesetting and mixed cutting digital laser cutting system for leather. Dual laser heads. Both work independently, and can process different graphics simultaneously. Mixed typesetting multi patterns with auto-nesting software, simply the operation procedures and extremely improve the material utilization. Advanced motion control system and patent design structure, high-qualified laser cutting, punching, engraving under high speed.

    • Smart Vision - MQNZDJG-160100LD

      CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine for Label, Applique, Printed Number

      This multifunctional smart laser cutting system integrated feeding, scanning, identification and cutting, achieves continuous recognition and automatic cutting of labels, applique, printed number and logo, polo shirt, swimwear, fly knitting vamp, garment accessories industry. It is an automated production, high-speed precision cutting with excellent quality of cutting effect.

    • ZDMJG-160100LD

      Versatile Vision CO2 Laser Cutter for Fabric with Camera

      No limitation of graphic size or templates. One time shooting of camera, any complex graphics can be precisely cut. Through high precision camera one time imaging for the full format material, this system can directly extract patterns contour and automatic cut. Or using graphical feature point to achieve aligning and cutting according to the original design. It supports real-time modification in the processing, no limitations on a variety of graphics. It is the best automated solution for digital printing, personalized labels and other positioning cutting process.

    • MJG-14090LD 160100LD 180100LD

      MARS Laser Cutting Machine with Conveyor Working Table

      CO2 laser cutter with conveyor belt and auto-feeding. Suitable for cutting textile, applique, synthetic fabrics, leather and flexible materials. Equipped with double laser heads and multi-head nesting software, improving processing speed and fabrics utilization. Multiple laser power and working areas for option.