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    Technology, the soul of enterprise, is the key element of forging core competencies.

    In lesson of GoldenLaser, technology stands up market, so we insists that laser technology should be from “Manufacturing” to “Creation”, and from “Property rights” to “Knowledge” with the aim of servicing clients with excellent laser process solutions.

    GoldenLaser technological innovation is based on user demand, so each harvest can play a leading role in market and demonstrate enormous economic and social benefits. With many year’s efforts, GoldenLaser has build up an independent and self-contained creation system referring to mechanical design, laser electrical, CNC, industrial design, machine vision systems. GoldenLaser also possesses a Authorized municipal research center and co-operation partner with foreign technology.

    Research center of GoldenLaser has assumed national torch projects and major industrial technology development.  Continuous laser technology research and application contributes a lot to upgrading and progress of enterprise core competitiveness.

    Research Fruits

    After past years’ experience, Goldenlaser has launched more than 100 models including laser engraver, laser cutter, laser marker, laser welder and laser embroidery machine, as well as has required more than 30 exclusive technology and more than 30 patents and copy rights as a winner at scientific and technological progress and other technical awards.

    Major Research Results

    Embroidery laser machine solution

    World-advanced garment pattern cutter, pattern copier, enlarge size and pattern design

    Flying and high-speed engraving and hollowing textile and garment field

    Multi-layer feeding and multi-layer cutting

    Ceaseless feeding and cutting on super-long material

    Multi laser heads on different design cutting

    Edge cutting in large size and hollowing in small size

    Conveyable four laser heads cut control technology in the field of toy industry

    CCD camera auto-identification cutting method of border recognizing, grid and row setting up

    3D technology in large area

    Twin laser heads applied in textile fabrics

    Laser cutting and marking synchronization. Laser cutting and lining synchronization

    Flying engraving and cutting without splicing traces

    Multi-working place marking

    Dynamic 3D large area marking system

    Laser device with double systems and double heads was pioneered by Golden Laser

    Unique and practical ultrasonic auto-focusing system

    High efficient independent engraving and cutting system

    Highly precise ball screw moving system

    World-advanced moving control system

    Professional software with Independent intellectual property rights

    Independent Intellectual Property Rights

    Intellectual Property Rights acts as fruits of science and technology innovation and symbol of enterprise power. As a company who values technology, Goldenlaser has been operating Intellectual Property Rights as an important development tactic and established special department of Intellectual Property Rights who are mainly responsible for property rights applying, management and protection.With many years’ efforts, Goldenlaser has acquired more than 30 intellectual property rights and more patents, copyrights are under applying.
    Major Patents (acquired)
    Major Software Copyright (acquired)
    Software Products Registration (acquired)
    Multi-functional Galvo cutting engraving laser machineMulti-head laser cutter

    Laser engraver with cylinder rotating

    CNC control and delicately designed engraver

    Laser cutter with double System and double heads

    Embroidery laser bridge

    Guide device of large-area Galvo laser cutter

    Laser embroidery machine & processing method

    Laser embroidery and cutting switch control device

    Multi-functional laser process

    Laser process machine

    Laser cutting machine operation platform

    Fiber laser cutting machine

    Goldenlaser Software for Laser Cutting machine

    Goldenlaser Software for Laser Auto-recognition Cutting Machine

    Goldenlaser Software for Laser Large-area Marking Machine

    Goldenlaser Software for Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

    Goldenlaser Software for Laser Embroidery Machine

    Large-area Marking Software

    Auto-recognition Laser Cutting Software

    Professional Laser Cutting Software

    Large-area Laser Cutting and Marking Software

    Common Laser Engraving and Cutting Software

    Large-area Laser Cutting and Marking Software

    Large-area Marking Software

    Common Laser Engraving and Cutting Software

    Auto-recognition Laser Cutting Software

    Laser Cutting Software