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    Golden Laser is your partner of laser digitizing technology innovation platform, the specialist in laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines and laser marking machines. From first consulting to application tests with your designed materials in specific industry to training for users and worldwide service – Golden Laser offers you comprehensive laser solutions.

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    Remote Diagnosis
    Function: Using remote cameras and voice patterns, real-time diagnostics or presentation for equipment, allowing you to enjoy our service timely.
    Instructions: First, download TeamViewer and install on your computer. For real-time diagnostics, make sure your computer is connected to the camera.


    Add: Golden Laser Building, Shiqiao 1st Rd., Economic Development Zone, Jiang’an District, Wuhan, Hubei, China

    Zip Code: 430015

    Tel: +86-27-82943848   +86-27-85697551   +86-27-85697585

    Fax: +86-27-82944068

    Email: info@goldenlaser.cn

    Site: http://www.goldenlaser.cc