YAG Laser Cutting Machine for Copper,Brass,Aluminum,Steel 1300x2500mm

EMAIL: info@goldenlaser.net | WEB: http://www.goldenlaser.cc |SALE yag laser cutting machine for copper,yag laser cutter brass high speed and high precision.
Materials: stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, iron, galvanized iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, gold, silver, titanium plates, metal sheets, metal plates, metal tubes and pipes, etc.

Industries: advertising signs, metal letters, sheet metal processing, metals components and parts, ironware, chassis, racks & cabinets processing, kitchen ware, metal crafts, metal artware, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, jewelry, glasses frame, nameplates, electronic parts, etc.

GoldenLaser Cutting Machine Functions
(1)Cut lines and holes with different diameters from different directions on the pipe.
(2)Cut inclined section at the end section of the pipe.
(3)Cut branch pipe intersected with the main circular pipe.
(4)Cut square hole,waist-shaped hole and circular hole on the pipe.
(5)Can truncate the pipe.
(6)Can cut all kinds of graphics on the surface of the square pipe.

Compared with traditional way of metal cutting, laser cutting has the following advantages:
1. Precision cutting: Lasers can cut complex shapes without the need for tooling. Cutting intricate detail with superior edge finish that requires no de-burring or finishing. High precision cutting (Repositioning precision: 0.1mm, Minimum linewidth: 0.1mm).
2. Non-contact process: there is no need to configure or replace blades or tools.
3. Small heat affected zone: good dimension stability and reducing workpieces distortion.
4: Narrow “kerf”: enhancing intricate detail cutting ability due to narrow “kerf” width, also improving nesting capability due to narrow “kerf” width and programming flexibility.
5. Various kind of metal cutting ability. Laser is suitable for cutting stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, cold rolled steel. aluminum, copper, brass, tungsten, titanium, alloy, galvanized sheet, etc.
6. Rapid design change ability: using laser cutting can achieve rapid design change due to the programming flexibility of laser machines.

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