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Goldenlaser’s Laser Solution – Improving the Productivity

Companies in the aerospace, filtration, automotive and other related industries are constantly seeking solutions to optimize the utilization of complex and expensive composite materials and technical fabrics. Goldenlaser’s unique designed solution can quickly and smoothly perform tasks, eliminate repeated waste and avoid errors, and at the same time ensure that the overall process has complete compatibility. Our company provides Industrial fabric Laser Cutting Machine.


Goldenlaser ensures more efficient use of composite materials. Goldenlaser’s automatic nesting solutions ensure that manufacturers use more costly and complex materials more efficiently. It can automatically perform tedious and repetitive tasks, thereby allowing skilled workers to perform more valuable work. The automatic nesting function saves time in preparing the data and greatly reduces the risk caused by human error.


Goldenlaser assists various industries to achieve high output, ensure excellent product quality, and improve traceability. Goldenlaser’s solution can reduce the spacing between each slice, while ensuring fast and high-quality tailoring, assisting various industries to achieve high yields, ensuring excellent product quality, and improving traceability. “Traceability” may be an industry responsible for some industries that use composite materials. By adding an inkjet system and inkjet printing labels on the sections, Goldenlaser’s solution ensures that users get satisfactory results. After the material is cut, the unloaded parts are also labeled with different colors on the operation screen, which greatly simplifies the process and reduces the risk of errors.

As a Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer, Goldenlaser assists change in different industries and fields to achieve excellent operational management capabilities. From implementation to the continuous and continuous improvement of its process, Goldenlaser continues to provide support to customers so that customers can overcome the challenges we face. Through the corresponding improvement of project management, Goldenlaser will work closely with customers to develop a customized development plan. Through customized solutions combined with practical training, users can operate as quickly as possible while maintaining high efficiency.

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