Utilization of laser system for customized requirements of heated car seats

Seat heaters can quickly provide comforting warmth to the body through the seat’s cushion long before the vehicle’s heater has a chance to heat the interior. Adjustable temperature and temperature stability can bring a very comfortable and warm experience to the car owner and passengers with heated car seats.

heated car seats

However, the growing customer demand for customization has brought challenges to the heated seat suppliers. They need to customize the corresponding seat cushions and covers to meet the customer’s needs for the comfort and appearance of the car. That makes the traditional cutting method no longer the most cost-effective way to process.

Compared with traditional cutting technology, laser cutting can meet the requirements of small-batch and multi-variety, personalized customization for the heated car seat industry.

The workflow of the Smart Vision Laser Cutting System tailored for the heated seats from Goldenlaser.

1. The HD camera automatically scans and takes pictures on the seat heater sheet.

2. The intelligent software recognizes and locates the contours of each graphic.

3. The laser starts precise cutting for custom seat heaters.

workflow of smart vision laser cutting system

The benefits of the Smart Vision Laser Cutting System

√ No limitations of shapes and models

Upload the CAD file and let the machine realize your design directly.

√ Precise cutting

Accurately recognize the contours and cut. The vision system accurately positioned the contour, and the stable laser beam ensures less than 0.1 mm cutting errors.

√ Automated system

No extra design graphic needs because the camera generates graphics while scanning. You just need one labor to operate the machine, which not only saves time but also saves costs.

Goldenlaser has been specializing in laser system solutions to meet customer needs for more than 20 years and also has 7 years of experience in the vision laser system. For the production of the heated seats, including seat heaters with embroidery brass lines, seat covers, seat cushions, and so on, our professional customized solutions and services won’t let you down.

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