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Lesa Ige of Sublimation sportswear, Amọdaju Aso, Digital tejede Aso

Iran lesa Ige fun Sublimation Aso Industry

Ga iyara Flying ọlọjẹ a sublimated eerun ti fabric ati ki o ya sinu iroyin eyikeyi shrinkage tabi iparun ti o le ṣẹlẹ nigba ti sublimation ilana ati parí ge jade eyikeyi aṣa.


Dai-sublimation Trend ti wa ni wiwakọ Fashion, Amọdaju ati idaraya Aso Industry.

Aṣọ ati awọn ẹya ẹrọ ti o wa ni fashion-siwaju, on-aṣa nigba ti ni akoko kanna itura ati iṣẹ-ti nigbagbogbo a ti lepa. Sublimated aṣọ pese gbogbo awọn ti o ati siwaju sii.

Awọn lori fun oto eniyan ati fashion ori ninu awọn aṣọ ile ise ti gidigidi contributed ni awọn gbale ti sublimation aṣọ. Ko nikan ni njagun ile ise sugbon ani awọn activewear, amọdaju ti aso ati idaraya aṣọ bi daradara bi aso ise ti ya nla fẹran fun yi aramada dai-sublimation titẹ sita ilana niwon o pese tiwa ni anfani fun isọdi pẹlu Oba ko si oniru idiwọn.

Lesa Ige ti dai-sublimation tẹ jade

Lesa Ige jẹ julọ gbajumo Ige ojutu fun sportswear ile ise. Bi a asiwaju lesa isise fun aso ise, Golden lesa se igbekale ga iyara iran lesa Ige eto fun oke iyara Ige sublimation aso ni yipo laifọwọyi. Pẹlu lemọlemọfún ĭdàsĭlẹ, Golden lesa nigbagbogbo fojusi lori ṣiṣẹda awọn ti o pọju iye fun awọn onibara wa.

Typical laser application for sublimation sportswear

Jersey (basketball jersey, football jersey, baseball jersey, hockey)

Cycling wear


Dance wear / Yoga wear



Laser cutting of sublimation printed sportswear

The VISION LASER CUT system automates the process of cutting out dye sublimation printed pieces of fabric or textile quickly and accurately, compensating for any distortions and stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles like the ones used in sportswear.

Laser cutting of dye-sublimation hockey jersey

    • 0.5mm cutting precision
    • high speed
    • reliable quality
    • low maintenance costs

Laser cutting of sublimated activewear

VISION LASER CUT is ideal for cutting sportswear in particular because of its ability to cut stretchy and easily distorted materials - exactly the type that you get with athletic clothing (e.g. team jerseys, swimwear etc.)

What are the benefits of laser cutting?

- All in automatic, less cost

Cutting edge quality




Cutting speed

Ere giga


Not required

Material stained?

No, because of contactless laser processing

Drag on material?

No, because of contactless laser processing



  • Simplify the entire production process. Automatic cutting for roll fabrics
  • Save tool and labor cost
  • High output (500 sets of jersey per day per shift - only for reference)
  • No required the original graphics files
  • ga konge


  • For soft materials easy to distort, curl, extend
  • For complicated pattern, nesting pattern inside the outline and high precision cutting requirements

What are Vision Laser System Advantages?

HD industrial cameras

Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy.

Precise laser cutting

Accurate cutting at high speed. Clean and perfect cut edges - no reworking of the cutting pieces necessary.

Distortion compensation

The Vision Laser system automatically compensates for any distortions or stretches on any fabric or textiles.

Continuous processing

Conveyor system and auto feeder for fully-automatic laser processing directly from the roll.

We recommend the following laser systems

for the digital printed sportswear industry:

Golden Laser has deeply explored the processing demands in the field of sportswear, and has launched a series of automated laser processing solutions to improve the processing quality of the sportswear, makes the production process simple, saves a lot of labor and time cost.


GOLDEN CAD Vision Scanning Laser Cutting Machine

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GOLDEN CAM Camera registration Laser Cutter Machine

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High Speed Galvo & Gantry Laser Perforating and Cutting System

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"Nothing is faster than this machine; nothing is easier than this machine!"

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