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Gige capeti, Mat ati rogi pẹlu kan lesa ojuomi

Lesa Ige capeti, Mat ati rogi

Kongẹ capeti Ige pẹlu lesa ojuomi

Awọn Ige ti ise carpets ati awọn ti owo carpets jẹ miiran pataki ohun elo ti CO2 ẹrọ iyipada.

Ni ọpọlọpọ igba, sintetiki capeti ti wa ni ge pẹlu kekere tabi ko si charring, ati ooru ti ipilẹṣẹ nipasẹ awọn lesa iṣe lati Igbẹhin egbegbe lati se fraying.

laser carpet cutting machine
carpet laser cutting

Ọpọlọpọ awọn specialized capeti awọn fifi sori ẹrọ ni motor awọn olukọni, ọkọ ofurufu, ati awọn miiran kekere square-aworan ohun elo anfani lati konge ati wewewe ti nini awọn capeti precut on kan ti o tobi-agbegbe flatbed lesa Ige eto.

Using a CAD file of the floor plan, the laser cutter can follow the outline of walls, appliances, and cabinetry - even making cutouts for table support posts and seat mounting rails as required.

laser cut carpet

This photo shows a section of carpet with a support post cutout trepanned in the center. The carpet fibers are fused by the laser cutting process, which prevents fraying - a common problem when carpet is mechanically cut.

laser cut carpet

This photo illustrates the cleanly cut edge of the cutout section. The blend of fibers in this carpet exhibit no signs of melting or charring.

Carpet materials suitable for laser cutting:

Blended fabric

Applicable industry:

Floor carpet, logo carpet, doormat, carpet inlaying, wall to wall carpet, yoga mat, car mat, aircraft carpet, marine mat, etc.

Laser machine recommendation

Cutting sizes and shapes of various carpets, mats and rugs with the laser cutting machine. Its high efficiently and high performance will improve your production quality, saving time and cost.

Laser Cutter

CO2 laser cutter for large-format materials


Width: 1600mm ~ 3200mm (63in ~ 126in)

Length: 1300mm ~ 13000mm (51in ~ 511in)

carpet laser cutting machine

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