Laser Engraving of Marine Mat

Laser Etching of Yacht Mat, Marine Flooring Mat

Goldenlaser offers specialty CO2 laser marking machine for marine mat made of EVA foam

When it comes to marine, we mainly introduce the boat flooring and boat deck. The marine mat should be durable in the harsh weather and not easy to fade under the sunlight. In addition to being safe, eco-friendly, comfortable, easy to install and clean, another significant indicator of marine flooring is an elegant and customized appearance. The traditional option is different colors of the mats, brushed or embossed textures on marine mats.

With the emergence of increasing personalized requirements, this application is urgently in need of laser marking technology. No matter what custom designs you want to make on the EVA foam mat, e.g. name, logo, complex design, even natural brush look, etc. It allows you to do a variety of designs with laser etching.

We design and manufacture laser etching machines which deliver the highest-quality design to marine flooring mat.

Key Importance of Laser Marking for Marine Mat

Realize customized design

High flexibility for getting on-demand orders

Realize different textures and designs by control the laser power and speed

Makes your own marine mat and deck unique and special

Samples of Laser Engraved EVA Marine Flooring Mats

Watch Laser Etching of EVA Marine Mat in Action!

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