Laser Cutting of Reflective Heat Transfer Film

Laser Cutting Solutions for Reflective Film

Goldenlaser designs and manufactures laser die-cutting machines specifically for the cutting of reflective heat transfer film. Laser die-cutting is characterized by a high degree of precision, flexibility, automation, minimal waste and the absence of the need for tooling. With our laser cutting machine, reflective film manufacturers can speed up the cutting process, achieve high-quality finished products as well as save costs and resources.

Benefits of cutting reflective film with goldenlaser’s laser die-cutter

reflective heat transfer film laser cutting-fully digital operation

Fully digital operation - Roll to roll laser cutting continuously

reflective heat transfer film laser cutting finely detailed designs

Exact laser kiss-cutting finely detailed designs

reflective heat transfer film-fast laser cutting small holes with ease

Quickly laser cut tightly arranged small holes with ease

Fast turn around, No need to wait for the tooling to be made.

Suitable for on-demand production. Quick response to short-run orders.

Fully automatic process: the operator just needs to load and unload the rolls of substrate.

Eliminate mechanical dies costs and warehouse costs, saving time and labor.

Roll to roll cutting continuously. QR code/Bar code scanning, supports jobs change on the fly.

Capable of producing the most intricate designs and small details within a remarkably short time.

Lasers can provide a variety of cuts: full cutting, kiss cutting, slitting, perforation, scribing and sequential numbering, etc.

Available with a single or dual laser head. Modular and multifunctional all-in-one design to meet customers’ individual requirements.

A simple guide to reflective heat transfer film
and the relevant laser cutting technique

Reflective transfer film is composed of micro glass beads bonded to a heat activated adhesives, with a transparent PET liner to protect the reflective side during handling. It uses reflective glass beads technology and reflects light directly to the original light source to enhance the visibility of anyone who wears it. Reflective heat transfer film has excellent durability in home wash and industrial wash, and can be applied to different substrates to meet various requirements of occupational apparel.

Reflective heat transfer film is a thin, flexible material that can be cut into any design such as graphics, characters and logos using a digital laser die-cutting machine in a high-speed, high-precision processing mode. It is then transferred by heat and pressure to a variety of fabrics such as reflective sportswear, reflective jackets, reflective hats, reflective bags, reflective shoes, safety vests etc.

A growing number of reflective film manufacturers and converters are benefiting from the unique advantages offered by laser finishing.

Recommended laser die-cutters for reflective film cutting

Laser Source CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 150W / 300W / 600W
Max. Web Width 350mm
Max. Width of Feeding 370mm
Max. Web Diameter 750mm
Max. Web Speed 80m/min (depending on laser power, material and cut pattern)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Dimensions L3580 x W2200 x H1950 (mm)
Weight 3000KG
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz Three phase
Laser Source CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 100W / 150W / 300W
Max. Web Width 230mm
Max. Width of Feeding 240mm
Max. Web Diameter 400mm
Max. Web Speed 40m/min (depending on laser power, material and cut pattern)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Dimensions L2400 x W1800 x H1800 (mm)
Weight 1500KG
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz Three phase

Watch dual head laser die-cutting of reflective heat transfer film in action!

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