Label Laser Die Cutting Machine

label laser die cutting machine LC230

Model No.: LC-230


The laser die cutter is an excellent choice for digital short runs. Offering zero change over time and no die plate cost. This technology is a perfect partner for a digital press.

  • Maximum Web Width : 230mm / 9”
  • Maximum Web Diameter : 400mm / 15.7”
  • Maximum Web Speed : 40 m/min
  • Laser Power : 70 Watt / 100 Watt / 150 Watt / 300 Watt

LC230 Laser Die Cutter

Laser finishing solutions for labels converting

The unique table size laser die cutter on the market at affordable price.

LC230 is a compact, economic and fully digital laser finishing machine. The system can be fitted with an optional Vision registration QR Code reader for continuously cutting and seamlessly adjust jobs on the fly. The laser power ranges from 70 - 600 Watt. The standard LC230 has unwinding, laser die cutting, rewinding and waste removal units. The system is prepared for UV varnish, lamination, and slitting, etc.


The laser unit of LC230 is equipped with the ScanLab Galvo system for superior laser cut quality with sharp laser beam.

The laser system is build using 100% standard industry components from major laser suppliers like Rofin.

BST Web Guide is optional to keep the material running straight. The innovative Label Positioning System controls the web position on the X and Y axis.

The system has an optional Camera registration QR code reader for quick change over of the cut file.

The software with intelligent algorithm can perform automatically accelerate and decelerate according to the processed graphics during the cutting process.

Built-in databases. Label materials that need to be processed frequently can be preset for parameters such as laser power.


Loading the designs

Support .dxf, .dst, .jpg, .ai, .plt, .bmp. etc.

Parameter setting

Laser power, working speed, labels quantily to cut, etc.

Start cutting

Computer automatically save the parameters for the same material and patterns

What are the benefits of laser die cutter for labels?

The professional laser machine “roll to roll” for die cutting and digital finishing.

Quick Turnaround

No need dies, you can laser cut your designs anytime you want. Never waiting for a new die to be delivered from the manufacturer.

Fast Cutting

Cutting speed up to 2000mm/second, web speed up to 40 meters/min.

Automation and Easy Operation

CAM/CAD Computer control only need input cutting file in software. Instantly change cutting shapes on the fly.

Flexible and Versatile

Full Cutting, kiss cutting (half cutting), perforating, engraving, and marking, multiple functions.
Slitting, lamination, UV varnishing, and more optional functions to meet customer individual needs. 

This laser die cutter not only can cut printed label rolls, but also can cut plain label rolls, reflective materials, adhesive labels, double-sided & single-sided tapes, special-material labels, industrial tapes and so on.

Laser Die-cutting Samples


Watch Laser Die Cutter in Action!

Label Laser Die Cutter with Varnishing and Slitting LC230
Label Laser Die Cutting Machine LC230
A. Main Technical Parameters
Working Area Width 230mm (9″), Length ∞
Maximum Web Width 230mm (9″)
Maximum Web Speed Up to 80m/min
Diameter 2400mm(L)X1800mm(W)X1800mm(H) / 7.87’(L)/5.9’(W)/5.9’(H)
Weight 800Kg
Consumption 2KW
Power supply 380V / 220V three phase 50Hz / 60Hz
B. Standard Configuration
1. Unwinder
Maximum Web Diameter 400mm (15.7″)
Maximum Web Width 230mm (9″)
Core 3 inch
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch

Tension Control

Splice Table Manual
Web Guide None
2. Laser System
Laser Source Sealed CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 100W 150W 275W 500W
Laser Wavelength 10.6 micron
Laser Beam Positioning Galvanometer
Laser Spot Size 210 microns
Cooling Water cooling
3. Matrix Removal
Back side slitting None
Matrix Rewinding
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
4. Rewinder
Tension Control Manual
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
C. Options Varnishing unit with UV dryer
Laminating unit
Slitting unit
*** Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. ***


1. LC-230 Label Laser Cutting Machine

Smart and economical desktop-type model

(Max.Web Width 230mm)

Working Area Width 230mm, Length ∞
Maximum Web Width 230mm
Maximum Web Diameter 400mm
Maximum Web Speed Up to 40m/min
Laser Source Sealed CO2 RF laser 150W / 300W
Diameter 1840mm (L) X 730mm (W) X 700mm (H)
Weight 700Kg
Consumption 2KW
Power supply 380V / 220V three phase 50Hz / 60Hz


2. LC-350 High Speed Label Laser Cutting Machine

(Max. Web Width 360mm)

Working Area Width 350mm, Length ∞
Maximum Web Width 360mm
Maximum Web Diameter 600mm
Maximum Web Speed Up to 80m/min
Laser Source Sealed CO2 RF laser 300W / 600W
Diameter 3010mm (L) X 2250mm (W) X 1700mm (H)
Weight 2100Kg
Consumption 5KW
Power supply 380V three phase 50Hz / 60Hz

Roll Labels/Film/Sticker Laser Cutting Application

♦ Sticker labels kiss cutting  ♦ Printed label, paper, film cutting  ♦ Film surface etching  ♦ Polyesters cutting  ♦ Polyimide cutting  ♦ Nylon cutting  ♦ Polymeric film cutting  ♦ Paper cutting engraving  ♦ Film drilling / scoring


♦ Glossy paper  ♦ matt paper  ♦ paper, cardboard  ♦ polyester  ♦ polypropylene  ♦ polyimide  ♦ polymeric film  ♦ PET film  ♦ synthetic, etc.

label laser cutting sample

laser cutting reflective tape

laser cutting reflective tape 1

laser cutting reflective tape 2

laser cutting reflective tape 3

Laser UNIQUE Advantages for Roll to Roll Sticker Labels Cutting

- Stability and Reliability
Sealed Co2 RF laser source, the quality of cut is always perfect and constant over time with low cost of maintenance.
- High Speed
The Galvanometric system allows the bean to move very quickly, perfectly focalized on the entire working area.
- High Precision
The innovative Label Positioning System controls the web position on the X and Y axis. This device guarantees a cutting precision within 20 micron even cutting labels with an irregular gap.
- Extremely Versatile
The machine is very appreciated by label producers as it can create a huge variety of labels, in a single high speed process.
- Suitable to work a wide range of material
Glossy paper, matt paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene, polyimide, polymeric film synthetic, etc.
- Suitable for different kinds of work
Die cutting any kind of shape – cutting and kiss cutting – perforating – micro perforating – engraving
- No limitation of cutting design
You can cut different design with laser machine, no matter the shape or the size
-Minimal Material Waste
Laser cutting is non-contact heat process. tt is with slim laser beam. It will not cause any waste about your materials.
-Save your production cost & maintenance cost
Laser cutting no need mold/knife, no need to make mold for different design. Laser cut will save you a lot of production cost; and laser machine has long using life, without mold replacement cost.

machanical die cutting VS laser cutting labels

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