Laser Cutting Machine for Label Finishing

Laser Die Cutting Machine for Label

The laser die cutting machine designed and manufactured by Golden Laser is an innovative solution for the roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet finishing of labels. The full digital laser process, replacing traditional mechanical die cutting, allows fast response to short-run orders and significantly reduces downtime and costs.

Recommended Machines

Technical specifications of Golden Laser's two standard models of label laser cutting machines
Laser Source CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 150W / 300W / 600W
Max Web Width 350mm
Max Width of Feeding 370mm
Max Web Diameter 750mm
Max Web Speed 120m/min (depending on laser power, material and cut pattern)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Dimensions L3700 x W2000 x H1820 (mm)
Weight 3500KG
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz Three phase
Laser Source CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 100W / 150W / 300W
Max Web Width 230mm
Max Width of Feeding 240mm
Max Web Diameter 400mm
Max Web Speed 60m/min (depending on laser power, material and cut pattern)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Dimensions L2400 x W1800 x H1800 (mm)
Weight 1500KG
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz Three phase

Modular Design

The LC350 premium version is an intelligent, high-speed laser die-cutting system with a modular, multifunctional all-in-one design, making it the perfect solution for digital label finishing. It can be configured with a wide array of converting options to add value to your products and provide efficiency to your production line.



Unwinder with closed-loop tension control
Max unwinder diameter: 750mm

Web Guiding System

Electronic web guide with ultrasonic edge guide sensor


With two pneumatic shafts and unwind/rewind

Laser Cutting

Can be equipped with one or two laser scan heads. Three or more laser heads can be customized; Multi-station laser workstation (Galvo laser and XY gantry laser) are available.


Optional shear slitter or razor blade slitter

Rewinder + Matrix Removal

Rewinder or Dual rewinder. With closed-loop tension control system ensures continuous stable tension. 750 mm maximum rewind diameter.

For the digital label printing industry, Golden Laser's laser die cutters can work well with all pre-press and post-press systems (e.g. rotary die cutting, flat bed die cutting, screen printing, flexo printing, digital die cutting, varnish, laminating, hot stamping, cold foil, etc.). We have long-standing partners who can supply these modular units. Goldenlaser's in-house developed software and control system are fully compatible with them.

Web Guide

Flexo Printing & Varnishing


Registration Mark Sensor and Encoder

Blades Slitting


Converting Options

Golden Laser is capable of customizing laser die cutting machines to adapt your specific needs by adding the converting modules. Your new or current production lines may benefit from the following converting options.

Cutting from Roll to Roll

Cutting from Roll to Sheet

Cutting from Roll to Stickers

Corona Treatment

Web Cleaner

Bar Code (or QR Code) Reader

Semi-rotary / Flatbed Die-cutting

Flexo printing and varnishing

Self-wound Lamination

Lamination with Liner

Cold Foil

Hot Stamping

Back Scorer

Dual Rewinder

Slitter - Blades slitting or razor slitting options

Waste Matrix Rewinder with Label Shifter and Back-scorers


Waste Collector or Conveyor for Through Cut

Missing Labels Inspection and Detection

LC350 / LC230 Label Laser Cutting Machine Features

Professional roll-to-roll working platform, digital assembly line processing mode.

The combination of two registration modes, Camera and Mark Sensor, allows for accurate cutting.

Built-in database of cutting process parameters for one-click setup.

The intelligent algorithm of the software can automatically accelerate and decelerate according to the cut pattern.

Extra-long labels (up to 2 meters length) can also be cut at one time.

Installation with ease. Support remote guidance of installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Optional camera registration and bar code (QR code) reader system

On-the-fly job changeovers: 

Auto job changer enables multi-jobs printed on one roll by reading a barcode (or QR code) of each job, which automatically changes cutting data without any involvements of user.

Uninterrupted cutting

Loading cutting files by barcode (or QR code)

XY registration accuracy: ±0.1mm

Minimize the waste of material

The best partner for digital printers

The benefits of laser die cutting

Quick turnaround

Short runs can be processed quickly. You can offer same day delivery for a wide range of labels.

Cost saving

No tooling required, saving capital investment, setup time, waste and storage space.

No limitation of graphics

Labels with highly complex images can be laser cut speedily.

High speed

Galvanometric system allows laser beam to move very quickly. Expandable dual lasers with cutting speed up to 120 m/min.

Work a wide range of material

Glossy paper, matt paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene, BOPP, film, reflective material, abrasives, etc.

Suitable for different kinds of work

Cutting, kiss-cutting, perforating, micro perforating, engraving, marking, ...

laser die-cutter features

Label laser cutting applications

Applicable Materials:

PET, paper, coated paper, glossy paper, matte paper, synthetic paper, kraft paper, polypropylene (PP), TPU, BOPP, plastic, film, PET film, microfinishing film, lapping film, double-sided tape, 3M VHB tape, reflective tape, etc.

 Application Fields: 

Labels / Stickers & Decals / Printing & Packaging / Films & Tapes / Heat Transfer Films / Retro Reflective Films  / Adhesive / 3M Tapes / Industrial Tapes / Abrasive Materials / Automotive / Gaskets /  Membrane Switch / Electronics, etc.

An array of label laser cutting samples

Actual cutting samples of labels using a laser die-cutting machine from goldenlaser

Watch label laser die-cutters working in action

LC350 Label Laser Die-Cutter

LC230 Label Laser Die-Cutter

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