Laser Cutting of Nylon, Polyamide (PA) and Ripstop Textiles

Laser Solutions for Nylon, Polyamide (PA)

Goldenlaser offers laser cutting machines for nylon fabrics, tailored to the specific processing requirements (e.g. various nylon variants, different dimensions and shapes).

Nylon is a generic name for several synthetic polyamides. As a man-made synthetic fiber derived from petrochemical products, nylon is very strong and elastic, making it a fiber that is most likely to remain in production and use. From fashion, parachutes, and military vests to carpets and luggage, nylon is a very useful fiber in many applications.

As one of the major steps within the manufacturing process, the method in which you decide to cut your materials will have an enormous impact on the quality of your finished product. The way your materials are cut must be accurate, efficient and flexible, which is why laser cutting has quickly become one of the most widely used methods in the manufacturing industry.

The benefits of using a laser cutter to cut nylon:

clean cutting edges

Lint-free cutting edges

Exact laser cutting intricate design

Exact cutting intricate design

laser cutting of large format

Laser cutting of big formats

Clean and smooth cutting edges - eliminating the need to hem

No fabric fraying in synthetic fibres due to formation of fused edges

Contactless process minimizes skewing and fabric distortion

Extremely high accuracy and high repeatability in cutting contours

The most intricate of designs can be accomplished with laser cutting

Simple process due to integrated computer design

No tool preparation or tool wear

Additional benefits of goldenlaser cutting systems:

Various options of table sizes - working formats can be customized on request

Conveyor system for the fully automated processing of textiles directly from the roll

Capable of processing of extra-long and big formats by burr-free continuation of cutting

Large format perforation and engraving over the entire processing area

High flexibility through combining with gantry and Galvo laser systems on one machine

Two heads and independent dual heads are available for improving efficiency

Camera recognition system for the cutting of printed patterns on nylon or Polyamide (PA)

Information on nylon materials and laser cutting process:

The term nylon points towards a polymer family known as linear polyamides. It is a plastic that is in everyday products but is also fibers for making fabrics. Nylon is known as one of the world's most useful synthetic fibres, with applications varying from daily life activities to industries. Nylon has excellent strength and abrasion resistance and also has a fantastic elastic recovery, which means that fabrics can be stretched to its limits without losing their shape. Originally developed by DuPont engineers in the mid-1930s, nylon was initially used for military purposes, but its uses have since diversified. A large number of different types of nylon fabrics have been developed to obtain the properties required for each intended use. As you can tell, nylon fabric is a durable and extremely low-maintenance option in the textile industry.

Nylon is widely used in diversified products, including swimwear, shorts, track pants, active wear, windbreakers, draperies and bedspreads and bulletproof vests, parachutes, combat uniforms and life vests.  In order to make these final products function well, the accuracy and efficiency of the cutting process are very important in the manufacturing process. By using a laser cutter to cut nylon, you can make repeatable, clean cuts with a precision that cannot be achieved with a knife or a punch. And laser cutting seals the edges of most textiles, including nylon, virtually eliminating the problem of fraying. In addition, laser cutting machine offers maximum flexibility while reducing processing times.

Laser cut nylon can be used for the following applications:

• Clothing and Fashion

• Military Clothing

• Specialty Textiles

• Interior Design

• Tents

• Parachutes

• Packaging

• Medical Devices

• And more!

nylon application
nylon application
nylon application
nylon application
nylon application
nylon application 6

The following CO2 laser machines are recommended for cutting nylon:

Textile Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 flatbed laser cutter is designed for wide textile rolls and soft materials automatically and continuously cutting.

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Ultra-long Table Size Laser Cutter

Specialty 6 meter to 13 meter bed sizes for extra long materials, tent, sail, parachute, paraglider, canopy, sunshade, aviation carpets…

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Galvo & Gantry Laser Machine

The galvanometer offers high speed engraving, perforating and cutting of thin materials, while X-Y Gantry allows processing of thicker stock.

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