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Since 2005
Laser Machines Manufacturer

Digital, automated and intelligent laser application solution provider.
Contribute to the transformation, upgrading and innovation of traditional industrial production.

Our Range Of Laser Machines

Explore Golden Laser's broad portfolio of laser machines, designed to deliver precision, customization, and digital automation across multiple sectors.

  • Laser Die Cutting Machine
  • Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine
  • Vision Laser Cutting Machine
  • Galvo Laser Machine
  • High Precision Laser Cutting Machine
  • Specialty Machine for Shoe Industry
  • Custom-built Laser Machine

Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutting Machine

LC350 is fully digital, high speed and automatic with roll-to-roll application. It delivers high quality, on-demand converting of roll materials, dramatically reducing lead time and eliminating the costs through a complete, efficient digital workflow.

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Laser Die Cutter for Label

LC230 is a compact, economic and fully digital laser finishing machine. The standard configuration has unwinding, laser cutting, rewinding and waste matrix removal units. It is prepared for add-on modules such as UV varnish, lamination and slitting, etc.

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Roll to Part Laser Die Cutting Machine

This machine includes an extraction mechanism that separates your finished sticker items onto a conveyor. It works well for label converters who need to full cut labels and components as well as extract the finished cut parts. Typically, they are label converters that handle orders for stickers and decals.

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Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine

LC8060 features continuous sheet feeding, laser cutting on-the-fly and automatic collection working mode. The steel conveyor moves the sheet continuously to the appropriate

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Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

This series CO2 flatbed laser cutting machine is designed for wide textile rolls and soft materials automatically and continuously cutting. Driven by gear and rack with servo motor, the laser cutter offers the highest cutting speed and acceleration.

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Laser Cutting Machine for Filter Cloth

High precision gear and rack driven. Cutting speed up to 1200mm/s. CO2 RF laser 150W to 800W. Vacuum conveyor system. Auto-feeder with tension correction.  Suitable for cutting filter cloth, filter mats, polyester, PP, fiberglass, PTFE and industrial fabrics.

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Laser Cutting Machine for Textile Duct
JMCZJJG(3D) Series

A combination of large format X,Y axis laser cutting (trimming) and high speed Galvo laser perforating (laser cut holes). It is designed for the cutting of textile ventilation duct.

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Laser Cutting Machine for Airbag

By combining precision, reliability and speed, Goldenlaser’s specialized airbag laser cutting technologies ensure enhanced productivity and flexibility while maintaining excellent cutting quality.

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Vision Scan Laser Cutting Machine

Vision Laser is is ideal for cutting sublimated fabric of all shapes and sizes. Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

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Camera Registration Laser Cutter

High precision registration marks positioning and intelligent deformation compensation for accurately laser cutting of dye sublimation printed logos, letters and numbers.

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Large Format Vision Laser Cutting Machine

The large format vision laser cutter is specially for the digital print industry – producing unparalleled capabilities for finishing wide format digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics, banners and soft signage.

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Vision Galvo Laser On-the-Fly Cutting Machine

Equipped with a galvanometer scanning system and a roll-to-roll working system. The vision camera system scans the fabric, detects and recognize the printed shapes and thus cuts the selected designs quickly and accurately. Roll feeding, scanning and cutting on-the-fly to achieve maximum productivity.

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Galvo & Gantry Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

This laser system combines galvanometer and X-Y gantry. The Galvo offers high speed engraving marking, perforating, cutting and kiss cutting of thin materials. X-Y Gantry allows processing of larger patterns and thicker materials.

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Full Flying Galvo Gantry Laser Machine with Camera

The Galvo & gantry integrated laser machine adopts full flying optical path, equipped with CO2 glass tube and CCD camera recognition system. It is an economical version of gear & rack driven type JMCZJJG(3D) Series.

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Roll to Roll Laser Engraving Machine

3D dynamic Galvo system, finishing continuous engraving marking in one step. “on the fly” laser technology. Suitable for large format fabric, textile, leather, denim engraving, greatly improving fabric processing quality and added-value. Automatic feeding and rewinding.

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High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
JMSJG Series

This high precision CO₂ laser cutting machine with a marble working platform ensures a high degree of stability in the operation of the machine. Precision screw and full servo motor drive ensure high precision and high speed cutting. Self-developed vision camera system for cutting printed materials.

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Independent Dual Head Laser Cutting Machine

Two laser heads that work independently of each other can cut different graphics simultaneously. A variety of laser processing (laser cutting, punching, scribing, etc.) can be finished at one time.

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Inkjet Marking Machine

JYBJ12090LD is specially designed for precise stitching line drawing of shoe materials. It can perform automatic recognition of the type of cut pieces and precise positioning with high speed  and high precision.

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Galvo Laser Perforating Cutting Machine for Sandpaper

Large-area galvanometer scanning systems. Multiple laser sources to increase productivity. Automatic feeding and rewinding – conveyor working platform. Automated roll to roll processing for abrasive paper. Fast and efficient. Ultra-fine laser spot. Minimum diameter up to 0.15mm.

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Laser Engraving Machine for Marine Flooring Mat

With the emergence of increasing personalized requirements, this application is urgently in need of laser marking technology. No matter what custom designs you want to make on the EVA foam mat, e.g. name, logo, complex design, even natural brush look, etc. It allows you to do a variety of designs with laser etching.

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Steps To Build A Laser System

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of our professional process in laser system design and construction, tailored to the specific needs of diverse industries.

Machine Assembly01

Machine Assembly

We produce superior laser systems for a wide range of applications

Software Development02

Software Development

In-house developed software and control system, perfectly adapted to the laser system

Machine Debugging03

Machine Debugging

Debugging, testing, and calibration to achieve optimal state of the laser system

Quality Control04

Quality Control

Strictly implement of quality control from material, assembly, debugging to packaging

Golden laser

Our Process

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  • Application Testing

    Application Testing

    Client materials are sent through our applications development lab for analysis. This is where we determine the optimal laser, optics, and motion control components before delivering a formal quote and system design.

  • System Design

    System Design

    If one of our standard solutions does not work, our engineers will design a system to meet the requirements from step one. From basic laser systems to fully automated solutions, our engineers are a part of your team.

  • Built to Last

    Built to Last

    During final assembly, we thoroughly test the machine to ensure all systems are working to spec while openly communicating with the client to fime tune their process. We provide progress demo videos, full training, and virtual / in-person factory acceptance testing.

Industry applications

We provide specialized laser cutting and engraving solutions for various applications. He are some of the applications we often use. Choose your industry: the most suitable laser solution for you

New Collection

Oscillating Knife Cutting System for Leather and Shoe

Golden Laser is further expanding its product portfolio from laser systems to powerful digital knife cutting solutions to improve efficiency for the mass production of leather goods.

  • 01 Double Head Intelligent Cutting Machine
  • 02 Channel Type Intelligent Cutting Machine
  • 03 CNC Leather Nesting Machine
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About us

Golden Laser was established in 2005 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 (Stock Code 300220). We are a manufacturer of high-end industrial laser systems based in China.

With the responsibility of intelligent manufacturing of industrial laser cutting, engraving and marking machines, Golden Laser focuses on subdividing markets and industries, creates value for customers, provides hardware + software + service business strategy, strives to build a smart factory model and aspires to become the leader of intelligent automation digital laser application solutions.

  • Continuous Innovation
  • Expertise and Know-how
  • Optimal Support Service
  • Your Trusted Partner
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Golden Laser is your partner for state-of-the-art laser machines, with expertise in laser solutions for a broad range of industrial sectors and a customer-focused approach, delivering innovative technology and outstanding support.

Customization Capabilities

Customization Capabilities

With 20 years of expertise in the laser industry, continuous research, development and innovation, Golden Laser has become a leading manufacturer of laser systems with sophisticated customization capabilities.

Discover our laser machines
Laser Solutions Provider

Laser Solutions Provider

Golden Laser offers specialist laser solutions for your specific application industry - helping you to increase productivity and added-value, simplify processing workflow, expand your range of services and gain more profit.

Discover our laser solutions
Customer Service

Customer Service

Our service begins with your connection and continues to help you maximize your return on investment. Professional engineer team is ready to service machinery overseas for installation, training and maintenance service.

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Global Sales Network

Global Sales Network

In the overseas market, Golden Laser has established a mature marketing network in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, with our competitive products and market-oriented innovation system.

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Golden Laser pursues its goal of serving you better



Golden Laser pursues its goal of serving you better



Golden Laser pursues its goal of serving you better


Golden Laser pursues its goal of serving you better
Golden Laser pursues its goal of serving you better
Golden Laser pursues its goal of serving you better


Our biggest motivation is the trust of our customers

José Antonio Chacon

José Antonio Chacon

Technical manager


During the installation process, Golden Laser’s technicians displayed a high level of expertise and professionalism. They ensured that the machines were set up flawlessly and conducted thorough training sessions for our staff. Even after the installation, Golden Laser’s customer support team remains readily available to address any queries or concerns promptly.

TAH Dohchor

TAH Dohchor



Golden Laser’s cutting-edge tech transformed our business two years ago. Their machine’s consistent performance and their relentless innovation, have us ready to expand our line with their advanced model.

TAH Dohchor

Annette Ulloa

Operations director


Golden Laser delivers unparalleled accuracy and swift operations. Its user-friendly interface coupled with safety features makes it a standout. Timely, professional post-sales support is a cherry on top!

TAH Dohchor

Brunhild Moraes

Project director


Golden Laser has always responded quickly to any issues I have had over the years. Their tech team members are smart and friendly and have always given me great service and advice. It is a team I am glad I have in my corner. Thank you Golden Laser for setting the bar in SERVICE and exceeding my expectations!

TAH Dohchor

Keagen Showalter

Production manager

United States

Golden Laser team was incredibly responsive, patient, and knowledgeable, guiding me through the entire process from selecting the right machine for my business needs to installation and training. They took the time to understand our unique requirements and provided tailored solutions that perfectly matched our workflow.

  • José Antonio Chacon
  • TAH Dohchor
  • TAH Dohchor
  • TAH Dohchor
  • TAH Dohchor

Trusted By Some Of The Best

Golden Laser is proud to work with some of the largest companies in the world.

  • 3M
  • AveryDennison
  • HP_100
  • adidas-removebg-preview
  • NKE
  • Youngone
  • Sefar
  • ClearEdge
  • Saati
  • DuctSox
  • FabricAir
  • Decathlon

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Golden Laser Thrives at drupa 2024: Non-Stop Deals and Success

Golden Laser series of laser die-cutting machine with excellent quality and high quality local service is highly favoured, many industry professionals have expressed a strong willingness to order…

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Golden Laser New Products Stunning Debut Drupa 2024

Golden Laser brought its star products LC-350 roll to roll laser die cutter, LC-5035 sheet-fed laser cutter, and the new product LC-3550JG roll-fed precision laser die cutter to the Drupa 2024…

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Golden Laser Invites you to APFE Shanghai

The 20th Shanghai International Tape & Film Expo & 20th Shanghai International Die-cutting Expo, APFE, the pioneer of global adhesive tapes and films professional exhibition, will be held on 3-5 June 2024 at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. The scale of this exhibition is estimated to be 53,000 square metres, with 2,600 international standard booths, and it is expected to gather more than 900 Chinese and foreign brand enterprises, and the grand exhibition line-up an...
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Meet Golden Laser at Drupa 2024

From May 28 to June 7, Drupa 2024 will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, which is the world’s largest trade fair for the printing and graphics industry. During the period of 11 days, 1625 exhibitors from 52 countries will show innovative technologies, solutions and topics affecting the development of the printing industry. And various special events also provide valuable expertise. In this era characterized by huge social chan...
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