Independent Dual Head Laser Cutting Machine for Leather

Model No.: XBJGHY-160100LD II


  • Two laser heads work independently and cut different graphics simultaneously.
  • A variety of graphic mixed nesting to maximize material utilization.
  • High quality laser perforation, scribing, engraving, cutting at high speed.
  • High processing efficiency.
  • Support automatic feeding and collecting.

Digital Two Heads Laser Cutting Machine for Leather

CO2 laser cutting for shoes, bags, gloves, ......


Two laser heads that work independently of each other can cut different graphics simultaneously. A variety of processing (cutting, punching, scribing, etc.) can be finished at one time. Precision up to 0.1mm. High efficiency.

Fully imported servo control system and motion kit. Machine performance with strong stability. A large number of the laser machines have been installed in customers’ factories for mass production.

Thanks to the advanced Golden Laser original nesting software, a variety of different sizes of graphics can be fully automatic mixed nesting. The nesting effect is more compact so as to maximize the utilization of materials.

Operation is easy and simple. Nesting on PC and load cutting file to laser machine to cut immediately.


Auto feeder

Ink Jet or Mark pen

CCD camera

CO2 RF metal laser tube

Independent Dual Head Laser Cutting Machines Installed in a Digital Shoe Factory

digital shoes factory 1
digital shoes factory 3
digital shoes factory 2
digital shoes factory 4

Advantages of laser cutter for leather in production

Rapid production response

Fast delivery after placing an order, zero inventory.

Undertake diverse orders

Large, medium and small orders are acceptable and increase profits.

Consistent high quality

Single ply laser cutting. The finished product has good consistency and no mechanical deformation.

Simplify the progress

The roll of leather is directly placed on the laser cutting machine, then automatic feeding and laser cut. Reduce preparation time and increase efficiency.

Reduce management costs

Save labor and material. The laser machine automatically cuts, only need to regularly maintain the laser machine.

Digital production

Real-time monitoring and feedback on mission information, capacity targets, current schedule, estimated time, and number of cuts to rationalize the order.

Laser cutting system workflow

designing and grading for leather shoe

Designing and Grading

nesting for leather shoe


laser cutting for leather shoe

Laser Cutting

Watch Independent Dual Head Leather Laser Cutting Machine in Action!

Laser Cutting Solutions for Leather and Shoes Industry

Technical Parameters

Model NO. XBJGHY-160100LD
Laser type CO2 DC glass tube
Laser power 150W×2
Working area 1600mm×1000mm
Working table Automatic vacuum conveyor working table
Moving system Servo motor
Power supply AC220V±5%, 50/60Hz
Standard collocation Constant temperature water chiller, exhaust fans, air compressor
Optional configuration Filtration device, auto feeder, CO2 RF metal laser tube

Golden Laser Machine for Leather and Shoes Industry

High Efficient / Material Saving / Automatic / Intelligent  / Man-machine Interconnect

 Mixed Typesetting & Mixed Cutting Digital Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine  Model No.: XBJGHY-160100LD

→ Smart Vision Laser Cutting System for Mesh Fabric, Knitting Fabric and Printed Fabric Vamp  Model No.: QMZDJG-160100LD

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→ Roll Leather Laser Cutting, Engraving, Hollowing and Punching Machine Model No.: ZJ(3D)-160100LD

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→ Automatic Laser Cutting, Engraving and Punching System for Leather, Shoe Model No.: ZJ(3D)-4545

Mixed Typesetting & Mixed Cutting Digital Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine

Suitable for Synthetic leather and leatherette footwear, Leather Shoes, Textile & Garment, Soft Toys, Home Textile, Leather Bag, etc.

Laser Cutting Sample

dual head laser cutting leather 1dual head laser cutting leather 2dual head laser cutting leather 3davdav

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Digital Mixed typesetting & Mixed cutting system

1. Mixed Typesetting

According to multi-patterns with different sizes and required processing quantity, this machine mixed-typeset them automatically with advanced Golden Laser patent auto-nesting software.


► Golden Laser auto-nesting software is based on advanced technology and high precise programming and algorithms, ensures the best typesetting result.

► According to multi-images sizes and required quantity, it mixed-typeset various patterns in the most material saving way, make it full utilization.

► Simplify operation steps, saving time of typesetting.

2. Mixed Cutting

The two heads running independently with cutting and punching. Two laser heads can process different patterns simultaneously.


► Advanced motion control system & patent design structure, accomplish high-qualified laser punching, lineation and cutting technics under high moving speed.

► Multi-heads digital control system with proprietary intellectual property rights, unique advanced software algorithms, one-touch operation, maximally improves the process efficiency for mixed cutting patterns.

► Processing time greatly shorted, efficiency highly improved compared with normal dual laser heads equipment.

► Mixed cutting / punching, both laser heads process at their own path simultaneously.

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