CO₂ Laser for Fashion and Clothing Industry


GOLDEN LASER constructs CO₂ laser machines for cutting single ply, stripe and plaid fabrics, printed fabrics and especially for custom made single order suits.

High efficient MTM (made-to-measure) with intelligent laser cutting system.

Mission: Efficient / Material saving / Labor saving / Zero inventory / Intelligent

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Laser Cutting and Engraving in Clothing Industry

With the growing popularity of textiles, fashion and apparel industry is developing rapidly. And it is becoming more suitable for industrial processes such as cutting and engraving. Synthetic as well as natural materials are now often cut and engraved with laser systems. From knitted fabrics, mesh fabrics, elastic fabrics, sew fabrics to nonwovens and felts, almost all types of fabrics can be laser processed.

Traditional Tailoring VS. Laser Cutting

In the conventional tailoring, manual cutting is the most widely used, followed by mechanical cutting. Both of these processing methods are applied to high-volume cutting work, and cutting accuracy is not high. Laser cutting machine is suitable for small-volume, multi-variety garment tailoring, especially for fast fashion and custom clothing.

Traditional manual cutting has a high demand on the pattern cutter and burrs after cutting. Laser cutting has a high consistency and automatic edge sealing.

In addition, we provide CAD design, AUTO MARKER, automatic grading, automatic photo digitizer software with laser cutting to achieve automated processing.

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Why choose laser for custom clothing?

GOLDEN LASER constructs laser solutions of personalized customization in fashion and clothing industry.

High precision

Compared with the tool cutting, the laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, less consumables, clean cut edges, and automatic sealed edges.

Labor saving

Automatic nesting, automatic feeding and continuous laser cutting, compatible with mass production and sampling, saving labors of manual spreading and pattern making.

Material saving

Use professional nesting software to increase material utilization by at least 7%. The zero distance between the patterns can be co-edge cut.


Professional software package, easy to achieve pattern designing, marker making, photo digitizer and grading. Pattern data is easy to manage in PC.

Flexible production

Holes (perforating), strips, hollowing, engraving, obtuse angles cutting, ultra-long format processing, laser machines can handle any details perfectly.

We are committed to helping you develop and update your production easier and better with our diverse laser systems.

Our CO2 lasers are ideal for cutting and engraving a wide range of fabrics and textiles.

With GOLDEN LASER’s CO2 laser machines for fashion and clothing industry, single-ply fabrics can be laser cut fast and efficient, as well as engraved and perforated delicately roll to roll. Therefore you achieve more productively with laser rather than with a knife.

Take advantage of GOLDEN LASER’s COlaser machines, to become a leader in your market.

Featured Machines:

CO2 flatbed laser cutting machine with conveyor

Galvo laser roll to roll cutting and engraving machine

CO2 laser cutter for plaids and strips fabric

Vision laser cutter for printed fabric

Laser die cutting machine for reflective sticker


What kind of fabric is suitable for CO2 laser processing?

Polyester, Aramid, Kevlar, Fleece, Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Fiberglass, Spacer fabrics, Felt, Silk, Filter fleece, technical textiles, synthetic textiles, Foam, Fleece, Velcro material, knitted fabrics, mesh fabrics, Plush, Polyamide, etc.

We recommend the following laser machines
for fashion and clothing industry

GOLDEN LASER’s CO2 laser machines are ideal for cutting and engraving textiles with precision and flexibility in production.

CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

High speed high precision laser cutter for fabrics and textiles with conveyor and auto-feeder. Gear and rack driven. 

Galvo Laser Cutting and Perforating Machine

A versatile laser machine that can do laser cutting, etching and perforating for jerseys, polyester, microfiber, even stretch fabric.

Dual Head Camera Laser Cutter

A powerful and versatile laser cutter with independent dual head cutting system and smart vision system for contour cut.

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