Laser Cutting of Cordura Fabric

Laser Cutting Solutions for Cordura Fabrics

Cordura fabrics are a collection of synthetic fiber-based fabrics, usually made of nylon. Known for its resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs, Cordura serves as an excellent material for a variety of clothing, military, outdoor and marine applications.

Laser cutter allows Cordura fabrics and other synthetic materials to be cut quickly and accurately.. The heat from the laser beam seals the cutting edge and eliminates the need for further edge treatment. As no contact is made with the material when processing textiles using the laser, the material can be processed in any direction and without mechanical deformation, regardless of the structure of the fabric.

Goldenlaser has extensive experience in the manufacture of laser machines and deep expertise in laser applications for the textile industry. We are competent to provide professional laser solutions to achieve efficient and high-quality laser cutting and marking of Cordura fabrics.

laser cutting cordura

Applicable Laser Processes for Cordura Fabrics:

1. Laser cutting of Cordura®

When laser cutting Cordura fabrics, the high-energy laser beam vaporizes the material along the cut path, leaving lint-free, clean and sealed edges. The laser sealed edges prevent the fabric from fraying.

2. Laser marking of Cordura®

The laser is able to create a visible mark on the surface of Cordura fabrics that can be used to apply sewing markers during the cutting process. The laser marking of the serial number, on the other hand, ensures the traceability of the textile components.

Benefits of the goldenlaser machines for cutting Cordura fabrics:

High flexibility. Capable of cutting any size and shape, as well as marking permanent identification.

High precision. Capable of reproducing very small and complex details.

Laser cutting provides better repeatability for large-scale production.

Laser cutters require less manpower and reduced training time.

The heat from the laser process results in clean and sealed edges that prevent fraying of the fabric and enhance the overall visual appeal of the finished product.

Versatile compatibility. The same laser head can be used for a variety of fabrics - nylon, cotton, polyester, and polyamide among others 0 with just minor changes to its parameters.

Non-contact process. the fabric does not need to be clamped or secured to the cutting table. 

Material information of Cordura® fabrics and laser cutting method

Cordura fabric a synthetic (or sometimes a synthetic and cotton based blend) fabric. It is a premium textile that is use expands over 70 years. Originally created by DuPont, its first uses were for the military. Since Cordura is a synthetic material, it is strong and durable. It has high tensile strength fibers and will withstand long term wear. It is highly abrasive and in most cases extremely water repellent. Cordura fabric is additionally flame repellent. Certainly, cordura comes in various fabric weights and styles depending on certain applications and projects. Heavier weighted Cordura-like fabric is great for industrial applications. Lightweight Cordura style fabric’s versatility works well for all sorts of personal and professional uses.


Laser cutting often turns out to be a more economical option. The use of a laser cutter to cut Cordura fabrics and other textiles can increase efficiency and reduce labor. Laser cutting also lead to lower rejects, which should generally improve profitability for a textile manufacturing company.

As a pioneer of laser application solutions in the textile sector, Goldenlaser has nearly 20 years of experience in the design and development of laser machines. The CO2 laser machines manufactured by Goldenlaser are capable of producing tailor-made solutions and high-quality results, cutting and marking at the highest levels of speed, accuracy and consistent quality.

Application of Cordura®

Cordura application

Cordura fabric is resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs - all the qualities expected from a high performance fabric. Cordura fabric is a primary ingredient in many of the world’s leading high-performance gear and apparel products ranging from:

  • Motorcycle jackets and pants
  • Luggage
  • Upholstery
  • Backpacks
  • Footwear
  • Military equipment
  • Tactical wear
  • Workwear
  • Performance apparel
  • Outdoor use

Different variants of Cordura®

- CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric


- CORDURA® Classic Fabric

- CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric

- CORDURA® Denim

- CORDURA® Eco Fabric

- CORDURA® NYCO Knit Fabric



Other types of Cordura®

- Polyamide fabric

- Nylon

We recommend the CO2 laser machine for the cutting of Cordura® fabrics

Gear and rack driven

Large format working area

Fully enclosed structure

High speed, high precision, highly automated

CO2 metal RF lasers from 300 watts, 600 watts to 800 watts

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