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Wide Format Laser Cutting Machine for Flags, Banners, Soft Signage

Wide Format Laser Cutting Machine for Flags,Banners,Soft Signage CJGV-320400LD

Model No.: CJGV-320400LD


The large format vision laser cutter is specially for the digital print industry – producing unparalleled capabilities for finishing wide format digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics, banners and soft signage.

  • Working area : 3200mm×4000mm (10.5 ft×13.1ft)
  • Camera scanning area : 3200mm×1000mm (10.5 ft×3.2ft)
  • Laser tube : CO2 glass laser / CO2 RF metal laser
  • Laser power : 70W / 100W / 150W

Large Format Laser Cutting Machine with Vision System

The Large Format Vision Laser Cutting Machine is an innovative, highly proven, unique cutting solution designed specifically for the digital print industry and print service providers. This laser cutting machine delivers unparalleled capabilities for finishing wide format digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics and soft-signage with customized cutting widths and lengths. Laser systems can be produced in width up to 3.2 meters and lengths up to 4 meters.

The system is equipped with an industrial class CO2 laser for cauterized finishing of polyester textiles. This method of sealing edges lends itself to a reduction in additional finishing steps such as hemming and sewing. A sophisticated camera vision registration system (VisionLaser) is standard. VisionLaser Cutter is ideal for cutting digital printed or dye-sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes.

This vision laser cutting machine not only can cut regular banners (e.g. rectangle), but also can cut irregular banners.


the roll of printed fabric on the feeder

① Place the roll of printed fabric on the feeder and lay it on the laser cutter.

vision laser scanning and cutting printed banners

② Vision laser system for scanning and cutting.


printed banner laser cutting

① Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, and then laser cut it out.

laser cut printed banner

② Cameras pick up printed registration marks and laser cut the chosen designs.

Watch Large Format Vision Laser Cutter CJGV-320400LD in Action!

Large Format Vision Laser Cutting Machine CJGV-320400LD Technical Parameters

Working area 3.2m×4m (10.5 ft×13.1ft)
Camera scanning area 3.2m×1m (10.5 ft×3.2ft)
Working table Conveyor working table
Laser tube CO2 glass laser tube / CO2 RF metal laser tube
Laser power 70W / 100W / 150W
Control system Servo motor system
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust system 3KW exhaust fan×4
Power supply Laser cutter: 220V,50Hz or 60Hz/ single phase
Exhaust fan: 380V,50Hz or 60Hz/ three phase
Electrical standard CE / FDA / CSA
Software Goldenlaser CAD scanner software package
Space occupation 6.7m(L)×4.8m(W)×2.3m(H) / 21.9ft×15ft×7.5ft
Other option Auto feeder, red dot

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Working Areas


Wide Format Vision Laser Cutting Application

Flags, banners, soft signage, cartoon image, and more digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile.

Suitable for cutting polyester textiles, nylon, vinyl, etc.

laser cutting banner flag

laser cutting flag banner

laser cut banner flag

banner flag laser cut

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Build your Image, Cut your Design

How VisionLaser works

ž © žCameras scanning the fabric during the conveyor advance, detect and recognize printed patterns, and send the cutting information to the cutting machine.

ž © This process is repeating after the machine finishes to cut the current cutting window.

ž © This system can be adapted on laser cutters of any dimensions; the only factor which depends on cutter width is the number of cameras.

ž © Depending of required cutting precision the number of cameras can be increased / decreased. For most of the practical applications, 90cm of cutter width requires 1 camera.


ž © Detection of printed fabrics directly from rolls, without any preparation;

ž © Fully automatic process, not required human intervention;

ž © High precision detection;

ž © Fast. Comparing with other systems with detection cameras installed on cutting head, situation in which the scanning is an extremely time consuming process. A major advantage, compared with systems using projectors, is that the process is fully automatic, no human intervention is required and is extremely fast (less than 5 seconds for an entire cutting window), while systems using video projectors are entirely manual, time consuming and less precise.

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