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Galvo Laser Perforating Cutting Machine for Sandpaper Abrasive Paper

sandpaper laser perforating cutting machine

Model No.: ZJ(3D)-15050LD


  • Large-area galvanometer scanning systems.
  • Multiple laser sources to increase productivity.
  • Automatic feeding and rewinding – conveyor working platform.
  • Automated roll to roll processing for abrasive paper.
  • Fast and efficient. Ultra-fine laser spot. Minimum diameter up to 0.15mm.

Laser Perforating Machine for Sandpaper

In order to meet the new requirements of abrasive materials manufacturers, GOLDEN LASER developed laser perforation systems to produce small holes in sandpaper.

Laser offers advantages that outshines traditional method

Clean and perfect laser processing

No fraying, no rework necessary

Non-contact laser processing

No tool wear, no deformation of material

Laser beam is always sharp

High repetition accuracy. Consistent superior quality.

Using lasers to produce high quality sandpaper

Laser perforating offers outstanding flexibility and automation capabilities, as well as phenomenal miniaturization potential via spot sizes adjustable down to mere micrometers. Ultra-fine holes are achievable in the sub-millimeter range with very sharp edges and short process times.

Producing virtually 100% slug-free holes.

High-precision circular perforations, even and consistent in quality.

Variable diameter of the holes. Minimum diameter up to 0.15mm.

Customized Laser Machine Model ZJ(3D)-15050LD

3 Galvo Heads

3D Galvo engraving system (from Germany ScanLab). One time engraving area 500×500mm / each head.

Conveyor working table

Conveyor working table 1500×500mm area; Front extended table 1200mm and back extended table 600mm.

CO2 RF metal laser

180W CO2 RF metal laser tube (from Germany Rofin);
180W×3 sets

Technical specifications of Laser Perforating Machine ZJ(3D)-15050LD

Laser type CO2 RF metal laser (from Germany Rofin)
Laser power 180w CO2 RF metal laser tube; 180W×3 sets
Working table Conveyor working table
Working area 1500mm×500mm (59” × 19.6”)
Extended table Front extended table 1200mm (47.2”), back extended table 600mm (23.6”)
Galvo system 3D Galvo engraving system (from Germany Scanlab)
One time engraving area 500mm × 500mm (19.6” × 19.6”) / each head
Power supply AC380V, 60Hz
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller 2.7KW × 3 units
Software Original Golden Laser software

Laser Systems for Abrasive Industry

Model NO. Laser Systems Functions
ZJ(3D)-15050LD laser perforating machine Perforating micro-holes on sandpaper. Roll to roll processing.
JG-16080LD cross-laser cutting machine To cut rectangle across the width of the roll of sandpaper.

Laser Perforating Sandpaper

laser perforating sandpaper

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