High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Model No.: JMSJG Series


This high precision CO₂ laser cutting machine with a marble working platform ensures a high degree of stability in the operation of the machine. Precision screw and full servo motor drive ensure high precision and high speed cutting. Self-developed vision camera system for cutting printed materials.

High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

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Machine Features

Machine structure

The machine adopts a fully enclosed design with front and rear flap doors or left and right moving doors to ensure operational safety and a working environment free from laser fume pollution.

Machine base frame

Steel welded base frame, ageing treatment, high precision CNC machine tool machining. The mounting surface of the guide rails is finished in cast iron to ensure the accuracy of the mounting of the motion system.

Processing mode

The laser generator is fixed; the cutting head is precisely moved by the X-Y axis gantry, and the laser beam is vertical to the surface of the raw material.

Motion control

The closed-loop multi-axis motion control system independently developed by GOLDENLASER can adjust the rotation angle of the servo motor according to the feedback data of the magnetic scale; it supports the docking of vision and MES systems.

Machine Advantages

Rigid machine tool and marble working platform ensure machine stability and effectively eliminate vibration during high-speed cutting.

Precision screw and full servo motor drive ensure high precision and high speed cutting.

The world's top brand laser sources and optics, with superior laser spot quality, stable output power, and low maintenance costs.

The self-developed laser cutting software integrates excellent motion control performance and powerful graphics processing functions.

The self-developed camera recognition system is used for precise contour cutting of printed materials.


Laser type CO2 glass laser / RF metal laser
Laser power 30W ~ 300W
Working area 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 1000x100mm, 1300x900mm, 1400x800mm
X-Y axis transmission Precision screw + linear guide
X-Y axis drive Servo motor
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
Power supply Single-phase 220V, 35A, 50Hz
Graphic format supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP

Software Advantages

• Easy to operate, user-friendly working interface.

• Offline and online interchangeable at any time.

• Applicable to Windows-compatible software such as CorelDRAW, CAD, Photoshop, Word, Excel, etc., print output directly without conversion.

• The software is compatible with AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST graphic formats.

• Capable of multi-level layered processing and defined output sequences.

• Various path optimization functions, pause function during machining.

• Various ways of saving graphics and machining parameters and their reuse.

• Processing time estimation and cost budgeting functions.

• The starting point, working path and laser head stopping position can be set according to the different needs of the process.

• Real-time speed adjustment during processing.

• Power failure protection function. If the power is suddenly cut off during machining, the system can remember the break point and quickly find it when the power is restored and continue machining.

• Individual settings for process and accuracy, laser head trajectory simulation for easy visualisation of the cutting sequence.

• Remote assistance function for troubleshooting and training remotely using the internet.

Application Industry

• Membrane switches and keypads

• Flexible conductive electronics

• EMI, RFI, ESD shielding

• Graphic overlays

• Front panel, control panel

• Industrial labels, 3M tapes

• Gaskets, spacers, seals and insulators

• Foils for the automotive industry

• Protective film

• Adhesive tape

• Printed functional foil

• Plastic film, PET film

• Polyester, polycarbonate or polyethylene foil

• Electronic paper

Laser Cutting Samples

Watch High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting in Action!

High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Membrane Panel

Main Technical Parameters

Laser type CO2 glass laser / CO2 RF metal laser
Laser power 30W ~ 300W
Working table Aluminum alloy negative pressure working table
Working area 500x500mm / 600x600mm /1000x800mm / 1300x900mm / 1400x800mm
Machine body structure Welded base frame (ageing treatment + finishing), closed machining area
X-Y axis transmission Precision screw + linear guide
X-Y axis drive Servo motor drive
Platform flatness ≤80um
Processing speed 0-500mm/s
Acceleration 0-3500mm/s²
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
Optical structure Flying optical path structure
Control system GOLDENLASER multi-axis closed-loop control system
Camera 1.3 megapixel industrial camera
Recognition mode Mark registration
Graphic formats supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.
Power supply Single-phase 220V, 35A, 50Hz
Other options Honeycomb / knife strip work table, roll-to-roll structure cutting system

Golden Laser High Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Series Models

Model No. Working Area
JMSJG-5050 500x500mm (19.6”x19.6”)
JMSJG-6060 600x600mm (23.6”x23.6”)
JMSJG-10010 1000x1000mm (39.3”x39.3”)
JMSJG-13090 1300x900mm (51.1”x35.4”)
JMSJG-14080 1400x800mm (55.1”x31.5”)

Application Sectors

Membrane switches and keypads, Flexible conductive electronics, EMI, RFI, ESD shielding, Graphic overlays, Front panel, control panel, Industrial labels, 3M tapes, Gaskets, spacers, seals and insulators, foils for the automotive industry, etc.

  • Protective film
  • Adhesive tape
  • Printed functional foil
  • Plastic film, PET film
  • Polyester, polycarbonate or polyethylene foil
  • Electronic paper

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