Ultra-long Table Size Laser Cutting Machine

Model No.: JYCCJG-1601000LD


Extra Long Cutting Bed - Specialty 6 Meters, 10 Meters to 13 Meters bed sizes for extra long materials, such as tent, sailcloth, parachute, paraglider, canopy, marquee, awning, parasail, sunshade, aviation carpets…

Ultra-long Table Size Laser Cutting Machine

The cutting table width of this CO2 flatbed laser cutting machine is 1.6m ( or 2.1m, 2.5m), and the table length is 6 meter, 10 meter and even 11 meter and 13 meter long.

With the ultra-long table, you can cut extra-long patterns with one shot, no need to cut half of the patterns and then process the rest of the materials. Hence, there is no sewing gap on the cut piece that the laser cutter creates. The Ultra-long Table Design processes the materials precisely and efficiently with little feeding time.


Main Technical Parameter of the CO2 Laser Cutter Machine with Extra-Long Cutting Bed
Laser type: CO2 glass laser / CO2 RF metal laser
Laser power: 150W, 300W
Working area: 1,600mm(W) x 10,000mm (L)
Working table: Vacuum conveyor working table
Mechanical system: Servo motor; Gear and rack driven
Cutting speed: 0~500mm/s
Acceleration: 5000mm/s2
Power supply: AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Graphic format supported: AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST

Machine Photos

10 Meters Length CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Detailed Photos

Machine Features

Material saving. The nesting software is easy to operate, professionally automatic nesting, eliminating the need for professional nesting personnel, saving 7% or even more materials.

Simplify the process. One machine for multi-purpose. Capable of handling cutting from roll to pieces, number marking on cut pieces and punch holes.

High precision. Laser spot size is up to 0.1mm, perfectly cutting angle, holes and a variety of complex designs and shapes.

Non-contact process. Clean and perfect cutting edges. Less efforts of clearance due to reduced dust production when cutting

Automation. Auto-feeder cooperates with software for automatic feeding. Thanks to the collecting working table, it solves the difficulties for collecting materials due to the large number of cut pieces.

Practicability. Perfectly cutting of polyester, polypropylene, non-woven, nylon, foam, cotton, PTFE and other textile materials.

Conveyor working table

› Handling extra long material, and continuous processing material in roll.

› Ensuring the maximum flatness and the lowest reflectivity.

conveyor working table

Auto Feeder

› Automatic feeding system, rectify deviations automatically.



Customized optional extras simplify your production and increase your possibilities

Auto Feeder

Red Dot Positioning

Galvo Scan Head

CCD Camera Recognition System

Mark Pen

Inkjet Printing

Advantages of Cutting Textile with Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting with large working area

No fraying of fabric, no deformation of fabric

Simple production via a PC design program

Smooth and clean cutting edge, no reworking necessary

Complete extraction and filtering of the cutting emissions

Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems

Laser Cutting Samples

aviation carpets laser cutting

Aviation Carpets Cutting

parachutes laser cutting

Parachutes Cutting

Watch Ultra-long Table Size Laser Cutter in Action!

Technical Parameter of the Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Laser type CO2 glass laser tube / CO2 RF metal laser tube
Laser power 150W / 300W
Working area (W×L) 1600mm, 2100mm, 2500mm (W) × 6000mm, 9000mm, 11000mm, 13000mm (L)
Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
Mechanical system Servo motor; Gear and rack driven
Cutting speed 0~500mm/s
Acceleration 5000mm/s2
Power supply AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Graphic format supported AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST

GOLDENLASER CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Systems

Working areas: 1600mm × 2000mm (63″ × 79″), 1600mm × 3000mm (63″ × 118″), 2300mm × 2300mm (90.5″ × 90.5″), 2500mm × 3000mm (98.4″×118″), 3000mm × 3000mm (118″ × 118″), 3500mm × 4000mm (137.7″ × 157.4″), 3200mm x 8000mm (126″ x 315″), 1600mm x 6000mm (63″ x 236.2″), 1600mm x 9000mm (63″ x 354.3″), 1600mm x 13000mm (63″ x 511.8″), 2100mm x 11000mm (82.6″ x 433″), …

Working Areas

***The cutting area can be customized according to different applications.***

Laser Cutting Machine Application Field

Suitable for cutting polyester, nylon, Oxford fabric, canvas, polyamide, polypropylene, nonwoven, ripstop fabrics, Lycra, Mesh, EVA sponge, acrylic fabric, ETFE, PTFE, PE, vinyl, etc.

Laser Cutting industrial Fabrics Sample

laser cutting industrial fabriclaser cutting industrial fabriclaser cutting industrial fabric

Applicable to tent, awning, marquee, canopy, sailcloth, parachute, paraglider, parasail, inflatable castle ,sunshade, umbrella, soft signage, rubber boat, fire balloon, etc.

laser cutting outdoor productslaser cutting outdoor products

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