Roll to Roll Laser Cutting Machine for Film and Tape

Model No.: LC350


Goldenlaser’s high speed intelligent laser die cutting system adopts a modular and multifunctional all-in-one design. It can be equipped with a variety of unit modules according to your processing requirements to meet your individual customization needs.

High Speed Dual Head Laser Die-Cutting System

Goldenlaser offers laser die-cutting systems to accurately cut very small features and complex designs on a variety of substrates, including labels, tapes, films, foils, foams and other substrates with or without adhesive backings. The material is precision laser die-cut in roll form to produce flexible parts in shapes or sizes with tight tolerances to meet the needs of your specific application.

laser die-cutting of film

Machine Features

Professional roll to roll working platform, digital workflow streamlines operations. Highly efficient and flexible, significantly increasing processing efficiency.

Modular custom design. According to processing requirements, various types of lasers and options for each unit function module are available.

Eliminating the cost of mechanical tooling such as traditional knife dies. Easy to operate, one person can operate, effectively reducing labor costs.

High quality, high precision, more stable, not limited by the complexity of graphics.

Quick Specifications

Laser type CO2 laser (IR laser, UV laser options)
Laser power 150W, 300W, 600W
Max. cutting width 350mm
Max. web width 370mm
Max. web diameter 750mm
Max. web speed 80m/min
Accuracy ±0.1mm
laser die cutter for reflective film

Modular custom design

Goldenlaser’s high-speed intelligent laser die-cutting system adopts a multi-module, customized and all-in-one design concept. It can be equipped with various optional modules according to your processing needs, fully satisfying your individual customization needs.

Technical Parameters of LC350 Laser Die Cutting Machine

Model No. LC350
Laser type CO2 RF metal laser (IR laser, UV laser options)
Laser power 150W / 300W / 600W
Max. cutting width 350mm / 13.7”
Max. cutting length Unlimited
Max. width of feeding 370mm / 14.5”
Max. web diameter 750mm / 29.5”
Max web speed 0-80m/min (Speed varies depending on material and cutting pattern)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Dimensions L 3580 x W 2200 x H 1950 (mm)
Weight 3000Kg
Power supply 380V 3 phases 50/60Hz
Water chiller power 1.2KW-3KW
Exhaust system power 1.2KW-3KW

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Goldenlaser’s Typical Models of Digital Laser Die Cutting Machines

Model No.



Max. cutting width

350mm / 13.7″

230mm / 9″

Max. cutting length


Max. width of feeding

370mm / 14.5”

240mm / 9.4”

Max. web diameter

750mm / 29.5″

400mm / 15.7″

Max. web speed



Speed varies depending on material and cutting pattern

Laser type

CO2 RF metal laser

Laser power

150W / 300W / 600W

100W / 150W / 300W

Standard function

Full cutting, kiss cutting (half cutting), perforation, engraving, marking, etc.

Optional function

Lamination, UV varnish, slitting, etc.

Processing materials

Plastic film, paper, glossy paper, matt paper, polyester, polypropylene, BOPP, plastic, film, polyimide, reflective tapes, etc.

Software support format


Power supply

380V 50HZ / 60HZ  Three phase

Application industry

Goldenlaser’s laser die cutting machines provide precise and digital laser cutting, laser kiss-cutting, slitting, rewinding and custom converting capabilities for a wide range of industries including electronics, industrial, automobile, aerospace and medical.

Application materials

Tapes, films, foils, abrasives and a wide range of overlay materials for the electronics, medical, industrial, and automotive industries.

E.g. Polyimide tape, thermally conductive double-sided tape, PTFE tape, green heat resistant pet tape, thermal graphene film, battery separator film, laser film, lithium battery film, conductive foam, double-sided adhesive tape, reflective film, PET film, etc.

Main Applications

laser die cutting system applications


Please contact goldenlaser for further information. Your response of following questions will help us recommend the most suitable machine.

1. What is your main processing requirement? Laser cutting or laser engraving (laser marking) or laser perforating?

2. What material do you need to laser process? What is the size and thickness of the material?

3. What is your final product (application industry)?

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