Roll to Roll Laser Cutting Machine for Reflective Tape

Model No.: LC230


The laser finishing technology is especially effective for cutting reflective film, which cannot be cut using traditional knife cutters. LC230 laser die cutter offers a one-stop solution for unwinding, laminating, removing waste matrix, slitting and rewinding. With this reel to reel laser finishing technology, you can complete the entire finishing process on a single platform in a single pass, without using dies.

Roll to Roll Laser Cutter for Reflective Film

This fully automated, computer-programmed roll-to-roll laser die-cutting system is designed for film and label converters who want to save time while improving cutting accuracy versus traditional die-cutting.

GOLDEN LASER LC230 Digital Laser Die Cutter, from roll to roll, (or roll to sheet), is a fully automated workflow.

Capable of unwinding, film peeling, self-wound lamination, half-cutting (kiss-cutting), full-cutting as well as perforation, removal of waste substrate, slitting for rewinding in rolls. All these applications made in one passage in the machine with an easy and quick set-up.

It can be equipped with other options according to customer’s requirements. For example, add a guillotine option to cut transversely to create sheets.

LC230 has an encoder for feedback on the position of printed or pre-die-cut material.

The machine can work in continuous from 0 to 60 meters per minute, in flying cut mode.

Overall View of LC230 Laser Die Cutter

LC230 laser cutting machine for reflective transfer film

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Laser Cutting Unit
Dual Rewind
Razor Slitting
Waste Matrix Removal

Golden Laser System Benefits

Laser Cutting Technology

Ideal solution for just-in-time manufacturing, short runs & complex geometry. Eliminates traditional hard tooling & die fabrication, maintenance and storage.

Rapid Processing Speeds

Full cut (total cut), half cut (kiss-cut), perforate, engrave-mark & score cut the web in continuous flying cut version.

Precision Cutting

Produce complex geometry not achieveable with rotary die cutting tools. Superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process.

PC Workstation & Software

Through the PC Workstation you can manage all the parameters of the laser station, optimize layout for maximum web speed & yields, convert graphics files to be cut & reload jobs and all parameters in seconds.

Modularity and Flexibility

Modular Design. A variety of options are available to automate and customize the system to suit a wide variety of converting requirements. Most options can be added in the future.

Vision System

Allows precision cutting of improperly positioned materials with cut-print registration of ±0.1mm. Vision (registration) systems are available for registering printed materials or pre-die cut shapes.

Encoder Control

Encoder to control the exact feeding, speed & positioning of the material.

Variety of Power & Work Areas

Wide variety of laser powers available from 100-600 Watts and work areas from 230mm x 230mm, up to 350mm x 550mm

Low Operating Costs

High through-put, elimination of hard tooling & improved material yields equal increased profit margins.

Specifications of LC230 Laser Die Cutter

Model No. LC230
Max Web Width 230mm / 9”
Max Width of Feeding 240mm / 9.4"
Max Web Diameter 400mm / 15.7”
Max Web Speed 60m/min (depending on laser power, material and cut pattern)
Laser Source CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 100W / 150W / 300W
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Power Supply 380V 50Hz / 60Hz, Three phase

Benefit of Laser Cutting

Laser replaces traditional die cutting, no die tool required.

Non-contact laser processing. No adhesive residue sticking to the tool.

Laser cutting continuously, jobs changeover on the fly.

High speed Galvo laser cutting, 10 times faster than XY plotter cutting.

No graphic restrictions. Laser can cut as per any of your required designs and shapes.

Laser is capable of precisely cutting very small logo designs within 2mm.

More Laser Cutting Samples

Watch LC230 Laser Cutting Reflective Transfer Film in Action

Laser Die Cutting Machine LC230
A. Main Technical Parameters
  Working Area Width 230mm, Length ∞
Maximum Web Width 230mm
Maximum Web Speed Up to 60m/min
Diameter 2400mm (L) X 1800mm (W) X 1800mm (H)
Weight 1500Kg
Consumption 2KW
Power supply 380V / 220V  three phase  50Hz / 60Hz
B. Standard Configuration
1. Unwinder
Maximum Web Diameter 400mm
Maximum Web Width 230mm
Core 3 inch
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch

Tension Control

Splice Table Manual
Web Guide Yes
2. Laser System
Laser Source Sealed CO2 RF laser
Laser Power 100W / 150W / 300W
Laser Wavelength 10.6 micron
Laser Beam Positioning Galvanometer
Laser Spot Size 210 microns
Cooling Water cooling
3. Matrix Removal
Back side slitting Optional
Matrix Rewinding Yes
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
4. Rewinder
Tension Control Optional
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
C. Options Varnishing unit with UV dryer
Laminating unit
Slitting unit
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Goldenlaser’s Typical Models of Laser Die Cutters

Model No.



Max. cutting width

230mm / 9″

350mm / 13.7″

Web width

240mm / 9.4”

370mm / 14.5″

Maximum web diameter

400mm / 15.7″

750mm / 23.6″

Web speed



(Speed varies depending on material and cutting pattern)

Laser type

CO2 RF metal laser

Laser power

100W / 150W / 300W

150W / 300W / 600W

Dimensions 2400mm (L) X 730mm (W) X 1800mm (H)

3580mm (L) X 2200mm (W) X 1950mm (H)




Standard function Full cutting, kiss cutting (half cutting), perforation, engraving, marking, etc.
Optional function Lamination, UV varnish, slitting, etc.
Processing materials Plastic film, paper, glossy paper, matt paper, polyester, polypropylene, BOPP, plastic, film, polyimide, reflective tapes, etc.
Supported graphics formats AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST
Power supply 380V 50HZ or 60HZ / Three phase


Reflective material, reflective tapes, transfer film, Retro reflection for high-visibility clothing, retro-reflective transfers, Aramid based flame retardant retro-reflective fabric, etc.

Laser Cutting Samples

reflective materials laser cutting sanple

laser cutting reflective tape 3 laser cutting reflective tape 2 laser cutting reflective tape 1

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