• 1. How to solve “engraving is less precise”?

    Reason 1: The focus adjustment inaccurate. Solution: Re-adjust the focus, the focus of the minimum for the best. Reason 2: The backlash is not adjusted. Solution: Reference to software operating manual “backlash adjustment” to adjust. Reason 3: The pattern output resolution is too low. Solution: Adjust the resolution. Reason 4: Text and graphics are incorrect. Solution: Adjust the treatment program. Reason 5: Step engraving parameters incorrect. Solution: Adjust.

  • 2. Engraving depth is not enough or engraving cannot work?

    Reason 1: The focal length is incorrect. Solution: Re-adjusted. Reason 2: The laser intensity is not adjusted to the maximum. Solution: Adjust power to moderate. Reason 3: Water temperature is too high. Solution: Replace the circulating water. Reason 4: Laser tube decay. Solution: Replace the laser tube. Reason 5: Optical path deflection. Workaround: Correct it. Reason 6: The lens are dirty. Solution: Clean the lens.

  • 3. Why engraved surface burning phenomenon?

    Reason 1: The resolution is too high or line spacing is too small. Solution: Reset the resolution Reason 2: Laser power is too high Solution: Lower it. Reason 3: Blower, exhaust fans are not open. Solution: Turn them on

  • 4. “Dislocation” how to solve?

    Reason 1: engraving resolution is too high. Solution: Adjust. Reason 2: The drive current is too small. Solution: Follow the instructions to adjust the current of the drive. Reason 3: Y-axis motor belt and synchronous wheel loose. Solution: Adjust the belt or tighten. Reason 4: There is dislocation occurs on graphics production Solution: Re-make graphics. Reason 5: Data transfer abnormal operation. Solution: Do not perform other operations when transferring data.

  • 5. Laser engraving, sometimes strong and sometimes weak or no laser emits or laser emits more points?

    Reason 1: Reflective lens rupture. Solution: Replace the reflective lens. Reason 2: A and B slots on water sensor rusted or not connected good. Solution: Check connection and assure water flowing smoothly from point A to B. Reason 3: Optical path changing. Solution: Re-adjust the optical path. Reason 4: Setup in Control Panel. Workaround: Reset. Reason 5: Long working, the water temperature in the tank is too high. Solution: Replace the cooling water.

  • 6. No sealing when cutting closed graphics?

    Reason 1: Sealing overlap or minimum power parameter setting is too small. Solution: Reset. Reason 2: Three synchronous belt tightness inconsistent, synchronous wheel screws loose. Solution: leveling, tighten. Reason 3: Poor starting position of graphics. Solution: Reset.

  • 7. Trimming is not perpendicular when cutting thick material?

    Reason 1: Work platform is not perpendicular to the laser head. Solution: Adjust the working platform to make it perpendicular to the laser head. Reason 2: Focus incorrect. Solution: Re-adjusted. Reason 3: Focus Lens selection is incorrect. Solution: Replaced with correct focus lens.

  • 8. “Four direction of the laser head cannot move,” how to troubleshoot?

    Method 1: Check the belt tightness. Method 2: Restart the laser machine and computer, in order to avoid system halted. Method 3: Whether board driver is installed. Method 4: Check the motor drive light situations. Method 5: Check the DC power supply indicator.

  • 9. Laser emission is out of control. It keeps emitting even no process request is needed?

    Method 1: Detect your computer to check whether it is affected with virus. Method 2: Optical signal lines reversed, replace the correct connection.

  • 10. X,Y axis bring big noise when moving?

    Solution: Check whether synchronous belt is loosen; Lubricate guide periodically (not too much); Check wheels on axis are running swiftly and smoothly; Check belt has no friction with synchronous wheel.

  • 11. Engraving laser power in a sudden drop?

    Reason 1: Long time working, the water temperature in the tank is too high. Solution: Replace the cooling water. Reason 2: Reflective lens unwashed or rupture. Solution: Cleaning and replacement. Reason 3: Focus Lens unwashed or rupture. Solution: cleaning and replacement.

  • 12. “Jagged edge graphics”, how to solve?

    Reason 1: Belt loose. Solution: Adjust. Reason 2: The focus of the lens is not tightened. Solution: Tighten. Reason 3: The drive wheel screws loose. Solution: Tighten. Reason 4: Parameter error. Solution: Reset.

  • 13. Engraving depth is different on workpiece?

    Reason 1: Inconsistent distance between the workpiece and the laser head. Solution: Adjust working table to unify distance between workpiece and laser head. Reason 2: Reflective lens unwashed or rupture. Solution: Cleaning and replacement. Reason 3: Graphic design problems. Solution: Adjust the graphic design. Reason 4: The optical path deflection. Solution: According to the optical path adjustment methods, re-adjust the optical path.

  • 14. Crash of two laser heads or laser heads cannot be moved to a direction?

    Reason 1: The long-distance movement of the laser head out of the setting range. Solution: Origin correction. Reason 2: The origin does not set the function to move the laser head out of the setting range. Solution: Reset and origin correction. Reason 3: Origin switch problem. Solution: Testing and repairing the origin switch.

  • 15. How to clean the lens of laser equipment?

    Clean Procedure: (1) Wash your hands and blow dry. (2) Wear fingerstall. (3) Gently take out the lens for inspection. (4) With air ball or nitrogen to blow off the dust of the lens surface. (5) Using cotton with liquid special for lens to clear up remain. (6) To drop the right amount of liquid onto lens paper, gently wipe and avoid rotating manner. (7) Replace the lens paper, and then repeat the steps. (8) Do not re-use the same lens paper. (9) To blow lens clean with air ball.

  • 16. Forbidden in maintaining mirror and lens of laser equipment?

    Following action should avoid: (1) Touch lens by hands. (2) Blowing with your mouth or air pump. (3) Directly touch hard material. (4) Wiping by improper paper or wiping rudely. (5) Press hard while uninstalling. (6) No use special cleaning fluid to clean the lens.