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    Carpet laser cutting bed for non-woven, polypropylene fiber, blended fabric, leatherette and more carpets cutting. Conveyor working table with the auto feeding. fast and continuous cutting. Servo motor driving. High efficiency and good processing effect. Optional smart nesting software can do fast and material-saving nesting on the graphics to be cut. Various large format working areas optional.

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    Carpet Laser Cutting Machine CJG-210300LD

     Open-type design. Processing format 2100mm × 3000mm. Servo motor driving. High efficiency and good processing effect.

     Particularly suitable for large format continuous line engraving and cutting for various carpets.

    • Conveyor working table with the auto feeding device (optional). Carpets can be fast and continuous cut.

     The cutting system can do super-long nesting and full format cutting on a single pattern that is longer than the cutting format of the machine.

     Optional smart nesting software can do fast and material-saving nesting on the graphics to be cut.

    • 5-inch LCD screen CNC operating system supports multiple data transmission mode and can run in offline and online modes.

    • Servo top exhaust suction system enables the laser head to be synchronized with the exhaust suction system, of which the suction effect is good and saves energy.

    • Red light positioning device prevents position deviation of the material in the feeding process and ensures high processing quality.

    • Users can also choose formats of 1600mm × 3000mm (CJG-160300LD II), 4000mm x 3000mm (CJG-400300LD II), 2500mm × 3000mm (CJG-250300LD) working table and also other customized format of working table.

    GOLDEN LASER – CO2 Laser Cutting Machine in production

    10 meters extra-long laser cutting machine

    CJG-210300LD Carpet Laser Cutting Machine


    Auto-feeding system

    Co2 RF metal laser tube

    Smart nesting

    Red light positioning

    CJG-210300LD Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

    Laser types

    CO2 DC glass laser tube

    Laser power


    Cutting area


    Working table

    Conveyor working table

    Working speed


    Positioning accuracy


    Motion system

    Offline mode servo motor system control system, 5 inch LCD screen

    Cooling system

    Constant temperature water chiller

    Power supply

    AC220V ± 5% 50HZ

    Format supported

    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST etc.

    Standard collocation

    1 set of 550W top exhaust suction machine, 2 sets of 3000W bottom exhaust suction machines, mini air compressor

    Optional collocation

    Auto-feeding system, red light positioning, CO2 RF metal laser tube (150W / 275W)

    ***Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. ***

    GOLDEN LASER Uranus Series CO2 Laser Cutting Machine



     Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    with Conveyor Belts

    Model NO.

    Working Area


    1600mm×2500mm (63” ×98.4”)


    1600mm×3000mm (63” ×118.1”)


    2100mm×3000mm (82.7” ×118.1”)


    2500mm×3000mm (98.4” ×118.1”)


    2100mm×6000mm (82.7” ×236.2”)


    2100mm×8000mm (82.7” ×315”)


    3000mm×5000mm (118.1” ×196.9”)


    3200mm×5000mm (126” ×196.9”)


    3200mm×8000mm (126” ×315”)


    3200mm×10000mm (126” ×393.7”)


    Applicable Materials and Industry

    Suitable for non-woven, polypropylene fiber, blended fabric, leatherette and other carpets.

    Suitable for various carpets cutting.

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    Why Laser for Carpet Cutting?

    Cutting commercial and industrial carpet is another great CO2 laser application. In many cases, synthetic carpet is cut with little or no charring, and heat generated by the laser acts to seal edges to prevent fraying. Many specialized carpet installations in motor coaches, aircraft, and other small square-footage applications benefit from the precision and convenience of having the carpet precut on a large-area flatbed laser cutting system. Using a CAD file of the floor plan, the laser cutter can follow the outline of walls, appliances, and cabinetry – even making cutouts for table support posts and seat mounting rails as required.

    The first photo shows a section of carpet with a support post cutout trepanned in the center. The carpet fibers are fused by the laser cutting process, which prevents fraying – a common problem when carpet is mechanically cut.

    The second photo illustrates the cleanly cut edge of the cutout section. The blend of fibers in this carpet exhibit no signs of melting or charring.

    The carpet laser cutting machine cuts different format and different sizes of all carpet materials. Its high efficiently and high performance will improve your production quantity, save time and save cost.

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