Laser Cutting of Composite Materials and Technical Textiles

A composite material is a combination of two or multiple natural or artificial materials with different physical and chemical properties. The combination improves the properties of the base materials, such as added strength, efficiency or durability. Composite materials and technical textiles are applicable in many situations. Due to their distinctive advantages over traditional materials, composite materials and technical textiles are increasingly used in various industries such as aerospace, construction, automotive, medicine, military and sports.

The CO2 laser cutting machine developed by Golden Laser is a modern tool that can cut the most complex layouts from textiles accurately and efficiently. With our laser cutting machine, textile or foam cutting in the processing industry becomes cost-effective.

High and low volume production is possible for traditional textiles made from artificial fibres as (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics) well as highly specialised technical textiles like compound materials made from foams or laminated, self-adhesive materials. The textile preforms fabricated like this are put to use in in nearly every area of industrial production.

Greatest advantage of the use of laser technology for cutting textiles is the sealed edges that prevents the material from fraying and laddering.

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