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Application of Reflective Materials in Clothing

Reflective materials have been committed to road traffic safety since their inception. It wasn’t until the 1980s that people began to pay attention to the application for civilian use, especially clothing. As the hottest new star in the fashion industry today, reflective materials have fully demonstrated the basic cultivation of popular elements to us. Let’s take a look at the various clothing applications from reflective materials.

1. High Visibility Work Wear

Professional clothing for road traffic workers, aviation ground crews, firefighters, sanitation workers, miners and rescuers are high-visibility warning uniforms. The reflective materials used in high-visibility warning suits are usually glass microbeads and microlattices, which are composed of fluorescent materials and reflective materials with eye-catching colors. Due to the dual effect of fluorescence and reflection, the wearer can form a sharp contrast with the surrounding environment in the light irradiation, whether in the daytime or at night (or under the condition of poor visibility), so as to play a role in safety protection for the relevant practitioners.

High Visibility Work Wear

Nowadays, high-visibility warning clothing has become the professional clothing for important industries such as public security, fire protection, environmental sanitation, first aid, transportation, petroleum and petrochemical industries or dangerous goods industries, and it is an indispensable personal safety protection product in the work and life of specific personnel.

Laser cutting technology has been applied in reflective material processing for many high visibility work wear manufacturers. Golden Laser’s laser die cutting machine is a fully automated solution for reflective materials and film half-cut processing. Modular design, including unwinding, laminating, laser system, matrix removal, rewinding and other functional modules, which can be diversified chosen according to the different needs of customers.

2. Sports and leisure clothing

With the rapid economic development and the accelerating pace of life, more and more people choose to go out of their homes at night for exercise and social activities. Due to the low visibility at night and the great hidden danger of personal safety, the sports and leisure clothing with the function of visibility at night have emerged.

Reflective Materials Used in Costumes

These casual sportswear with reflective elements use a variety of reflective materials and technologies. Some use reflective cloth for cutting and splicing; some use reflective heat transfer film and laser cutting graphics to design and produce reflective patterns of different shapes and styles.

These reflective garments not only improve their aesthetics and fashion, but also pay attention to their functional features to improve visibility at night, which can better cater to people’s realistic needs.

With the development of society, people’s living standards have gradually improved, and the awareness of safety protection has become more and more important. The reasonable application of reflective materials in clothing can not only improve the aesthetics and fashion of clothing, but also enhance the functionality of clothing, and can also play a warning role in emergency situations and improve the safety factor. The application of reflective materials in clothing will gradually expand with the enhancement of people’s safety awareness, and the future will be immeasurable!

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