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Golden Laser at Shoes & Leather Vietnam 2022

International Shoes & Leather Exhibition held annually in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is known as the most comprehensive and leading footwear and leather industry expo in Southeast Asia. This exhibition will continue to be favored by exhibitors from all over the world, with the exhibition area reaching 12000 square meters, the number of visitors reaching 11600, and the number of exhibitors and brands reaching 500. They come from 27 countries and regions, including China, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

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Exhibiting Models

01) Fully Automatic Inkjet Marking Machine for Shoe Material

double head drawing machine for shoe JYBJHY12090II

In the shoemaking industry, accurate marking is an essential process.Traditional manual marking not only requires a lot of manpower, but its quality also depends entirely on the proficiency of the workers. This fully automatic inkjet marking machine developed by Golden Laser is a high-automation equipment specially designed to solve the precise marking of cutting pieces. It can intelligently identify the type of pieces, automatically and accurately locating, and high-speed and high-precision inkjet marking, forming a streamlined processing process. The whole machine is highly automated, intelligent, and easy to operate.

02) Independent Dual Head Laser Cutting Machine

dual head laser cutter for leather

Product Features

• The dual laser heads work independently of each other, can cut different graphics, and can complete various processing (cutting, punching, scribing, etc.) at one time, high processing efficiency;

• All imported servo control systems and motion kits, with strong equipment stability;

• Self-developed special typesetting software, which can automatically mix typesetting for a variety of graphics of different sizes, the typesetting effect is tighter, and the material utilization rate is maximized;

• Simple operation, easy to use, one person can complete the operation.

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