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  • Quebec Canada-Golden Laser Customer-s

    In early of May, we came to a digital printing and sportswear garment factory, “A” Company, in Quebec, Canada, which has a history of more than 30 years. The garment industry is a labor-intensive industry. The nature of its industry makes it quite sensitive to labor costs. This contradiction is p...Read more

  • filters

    LASER CUTTING - CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS Do you have a headache about your current production for filtration fabrics? Tired of making tools, high labor cost, high tools cost? Need to prepare large space for storage the tools? Defective products, time waste? Let’s introduce the ...Read more

  • Sublimation Fabric

    Vision Laser Contour Cut   cutting sublimation fabric, printed textile, sportswear, cycling apparel, banners, flags, upholstery, sofa, sport shoes, fashion garment, bags, suitcase, soft toys … Ø Sublimated Stretch Fabric Vision Laser Cutting Machine Diagram Ø Traditional Cutting Method for...Read more

  • self-adhesive-label

    The adhesive label is mainly composed of three layers: surface material, adhesive and base paper (coated with silicone oil). The ideal condition for die-cutting is to cut through the adhesive layer, but not to destroy the silicone oil layer, which is called “precision die cutting”. Pa...Read more

  • carpet

    Carpet widely used in residential, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircraft and other floor coverings, there are noise reduction, thermal insulation and decorative effect. Traditional carpet generally used manual cut, electric cut or Die cut. The cutting speed for workers is ...Read more

  • leather shoes

    LASER CUTTING, ENGRAVING, MARKING AND PUNCHING OF LEATHER Golden Laser develops special CO2 laser cutter and Galvo laser machine for leather and provides comprehensive laser solutions for leather and shoe industry Laser Cutting Application – Leather Cutting Engraving and Marking Engraving /...Read more

  • garment

    In recent years, laser cutting technology has been widely chased after by the public. Especially in the fashion industry, there are many well-known fashion designers add the costume design with laser cutting technology. They use laser technology for hollowing, or laser cutting engraving, etc., ma...Read more

  • Laser cutting stainless steel architectural decoration-icon

    As a result of strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, the surface not fade over time, the color with the angle of light having different color changes and other characteristics, stainless steel is widely used in decorative engineering industry. For example, in a variety of top c...Read more

  • label

    Golden Laser has applied industrial laser technology in the field of self-adhesive labels die cutting in printing and packaging industry. With our roll to roll laser cutting system, you can cut very precisely adhesive labels, printed labels, stickers, paper, film, etc. Our own special optical sof...Read more

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