Dual Head Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine for Shoe Components

Model No.: VKP16060 LD II


  • 2 projectors, real-time preview of nesting layout.
  • Independent dual head, cutting and punching multi-layer materials.
  • Smart nesting system, easy to operate and saving material.
  • Multi-layer spreading, automatic synchronous feeding.
  • Automatic material pulling, continuous cutting.

Smart Cutting Machine

For Shoes and Gloves Components Cutting

Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

oscillating knife cutting machine

With a highly rigid heavy-duty body and precision lead screw drive, this smart cutting machine is a multi-functional and efficient intelligent cutting system that integrates double-head asynchronous control cutting and punching, and contains technologies such as fully automatic smart nesting, continuous automatic feeding, seamless splicing, asynchronous cutting of different shapes, and power-off renewal cutting. It has the characteristics of low running noise, fast computing speed of main control chip, high cutting accuracy, time and material saving and less occupied space. It is widely used in large volume intelligent cutting and processing in shoes, bags and gloves industries.

Watch Oscillating Knife Cutting for Shoe in Action!


Smart Nesting

Graphics can be graded, modified and intelligently nested by special software. The software can lay out materials according to the nesting, minimizing material waste.

Automatic spreading

Automatic multi-layer spreading and loading according to nesting requirements, up to 10 layers at a time, effectively saving manual spreading time and increasing production efficiency.

Automatic cutting

Fast and precise cutting, smooth edges without jaggedness, no yellowing or scorching. Multi-layer cutting is possible.

Automatic punching

Servo control, die punching technology, precise positioning and punching. Different shapes and sizes of patterns can be punched by changing the punch.


motion control system and cutting software

Using high performance motion control system and cutting software, it supports double head asynchronous control cutting.

full servo control

Full servo control, precision screw drive. Light running load, fast speed and low noise.

dual projection

Dual projection display for clearer images. Convenient for positioning and finished products sorting.

pressure-adaptive curved platens

The use of pressure-adaptive curved platens results in smoother, indentation-free material when cutting.

double beam, double head

Double beam, double head asynchronous control. Cutting and punching integrated in one head.

light curtain safety sensor

Equipped with a light curtain safety sensor to prevent personal injury during machine operation.

Technical Parameters

Working area


Working table

Aluminum alloy honeycomb platform + conveying carpet

Material fixation method

Vacuum absorption

Max material processing weight

≤10mm (Depending on different material)

Max processing speed


Positioning method

Projection positioning

Repeatable cutting accuracy


Drive system

Servo motor, linear guide and lead screw drive

Number of motor

9 Axis

Graphics formats supported


Equipment power


Vacuum pump power


Power supply

380V / 50Hz (3 phases)

Overall diameter


Net weight


Independent Dual Head Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

Model No.: VKP16060LD II

dual head oscillating knife cutter goldenlaser


Suitable for cutting and punching in the shoe, luggage, glove and hat industries.

Cutting Samples

oscillating knife cutting shoes sample

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