• 1. How to solve “engraving is less precise”?

    Reason 1: The focus adjustment inaccurate. Solution: Re-adjust the focus, the focus of the minimum for the best. Reason 2: The backlash is not adjusted. Solution: Reference to software operating manual “backlash adjustment” to adjust. Reason 3: The pattern output resolution is too low. Solution: Adjust the resolution. Reason 4: Text and graphics are incorrect. Solution: Adjust the treatment program. Reason 5: Step engraving parameters incorrect. Solution: Adjust.

  • 2. Engraving depth is not enough or engraving cannot work?

    Reason 1: The focal length is incorrect. Solution: Re-adjusted. Reason 2: The laser intensity is not adjusted to the maximum. Solution: Adjust power to moderate. Reason 3: Water temperature is too high. Solution: Replace the circulating water. Reason 4: Laser tube decay. Solution: Replace the laser tube. Reason 5: Optical path deflection. Workaround: Correct it. Reason 6: The lens are dirty. Solution: Clean the lens.

  • 3. Why engraved surface burning phenomenon?

    Reason 1: The resolution is too high or line spacing is too small. Solution: Reset the resolution Reason 2: Laser power is too high Solution: Lower it. Reason 3: Blower, exhaust fans are not open. Solution: Turn them on

  • 4. “Dislocation” how to solve?

    Reason 1: engraving resolution is too high. Solution: Adjust. Reason 2: The drive current is too small. Solution: Follow the instructions to adjust the current of the drive. Reason 3: Y-axis motor belt and synchronous wheel loose. Solution: Adjust the belt or tighten. Reason 4: There is dislocation occurs on graphics production Solution: Re-make graphics. Reason 5: Data transfer abnormal operation. Solution: Do not perform other operations when transferring data.

  • 5. Laser engraving, sometimes strong and sometimes weak or no laser emits or laser emits more points?

    Reason 1: Reflective lens rupture. Solution: Replace the reflective lens. Reason 2: A and B slots on water sensor rusted or not connected good. Solution: Check connection and assure water flowing smoothly from point A to B. Reason 3: Optical path changing. Solution: Re-adjust the optical path. Reason 4: Setup in Control Panel. Workaround: Reset. Reason 5: Long working, the water temperature in the tank is too high. Solution: Replace the cooling water.

  • 6. No sealing when cutting closed graphics?

    Reason 1: Sealing overlap or minimum power parameter setting is too small. Solution: Reset. Reason 2: Three synchronous belt tightness inconsistent, synchronous wheel screws loose. Solution: leveling, tighten. Reason 3: Poor starting position of graphics. Solution: Reset.

  • 7. Trimming is not perpendicular when cutting thick material?

    Reason 1: Work platform is not perpendicular to the laser head. Solution: Adjust the working platform to make it perpendicular to the laser head. Reason 2: Focus incorrect. Solution: Re-adjusted. Reason 3: Focus Lens selection is incorrect. Solution: Replaced with correct focus lens.

  • 8. “Four direction of the laser head cannot move,” how to troubleshoot?

    Method 1: Check the belt tightness. Method 2: Restart the laser machine and computer, in order to avoid system halted. Method 3: Whether board driver is installed. Method 4: Check the motor drive light situations. Method 5: Check the DC power supply indicator.

  • 9. Laser emission is out of control. It keeps emitting even no process request is needed?

    Method 1: Detect your computer to check whether it is affected with virus. Method 2: Optical signal lines reversed, replace the correct connection.

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